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Bicycle with Unlimited Gear Ratios

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Employing some sort of ball bearings and metal disc system magic inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, this bicycle effectively has an unlimited selection of gear ratios. Anyone willing to drop $3k – $4k on one of these and let us know how it rides?


December 18, 2007 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry, Oddities, Science and Technology

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  1. The “inventor” of this system is actually the son of a friend of my dad’s. Which links him to his boss who happens to know Kevin Bacon. 🙂 When my dad was up for Thanksgiving we were reading up on the technology and uses after he mentioned it in casual conversation. I think it’s too heavy to be practical for most cycling applications. The hub weighs something like 6 pounds whereas a typical bicycle hub/cassette/derailer weighs in around 2 pounds or less. It is still a great idea.

    Comment by Morgan | December 20, 2007

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