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Bike Computer Concept

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I thought the bike computers I used in my cycling hey-day were already pretty amazing. Now imagine having a rear-view camera attached to your bike computer. Too distracting possibly? Add to that maybe some bluetooth for your camera and possibly an mp3 player and we might have something truly accident worthy.


December 20, 2007 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry

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  1. Anyone else notice that bike isn’t riding in the bike lane?

    As someone that typically commutes 50-75 miles a week by bicycle I can’t say it interests me much. In the typical car-bike rear-end crash interaction I don’t think knowing you’re about to be run down actually gives you sufficient time to do much about it. I just keep my hopes up that someone doesn’t drift into the bike lane in the midst of talking or texting on their phone.

    Comment by Morgan | December 21, 2007

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