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Warner goes Blu-Ray, Is Apple next?

Sony may finally get the Betamax Monkey of its back.


“Hollywood’s squabble over which of two technologies will replace standard DVDs skewed in the direction of the Sony Corporation on Friday, with Warner Brothers casting the deciding vote in favor of the company’s Blu-ray discs over the rival format, HD DVD.

In some ways, the fight is a replay of the VHS versus Betamax battle of the 1980s. This time, however, the Sony product appears to have prevailed.”


In other news:

“Rumors are flying fast and furious over what Steve Jobs will pull out of his blue-jean pocket a week from Tuesday at his annual speech at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. These include a movie rental service for iTunes, a super small notebook computer perhaps with a solid-state hard drive, a notebook docking station, and new features for the iPhone. Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research, suggested that Apple will start shipping some computers with Blu-ray high-definition DVD drives.”


January 6, 2008 - Posted by | Games and Gaming, Geeks and Gadgetry, Movies, News, Science and Technology


  1. Playstation 3 early adopters scream, “I told you so!!!” =D

    Comment by xraytech | January 6, 2008

  2. New Line Cinema falls in line.

    Comment by xraytech | January 6, 2008

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