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MacWorld 2008… ehh…

I’d probably be more enthused If I made the switch to Mac.


Although I do like the new features on the Latest iPhone Software Update. Especially the updated Maps.

Any thoughts about this years Keynote?


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry, Mac, Science and Technology, Software

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  1. Given Apples stock price, I’d say people were pretty let down with their announcements. It’s rough when expectations are so high going in to an event. On the plus side AAPL is basically on sale right now for about $159. It was over $180 a few days ago.

    The Air is sleak, but unless you really travel with your notebook a lot, it’s not worth the extra 500 to 1500 over a MacBook. My Dell has left the house about 10 times in total I think. Great to have the portability, but not something I have to be able to tote around in a manilla envelope.

    Comment by morgan | January 16, 2008

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