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It’s been about 2 weeks since my last Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD post. You know what that means =D


In other news…


Happy Friday!!!

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How to Make Bacon Vodka

 WordPress Wp-Images 2008 01 Bacon Vodka
Vodka with essence of bacon. How awesome is that?

Nice find, Joe!

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How to Make the Most of Grocery Coupons


The Simple Dollar
posted about The One Month Coupon Strategy. In a nutshell:

… take the coupon section out of the Sunday paper and put it aside for four weeks – don’t even bother to look at it. Four weeks later, open it up and clip everything that’s even remotely of interest, whether you’d buy it normally or not.

At that point, take the wad of coupons to the store and just look at the shelves. Magically, most of those coupons you have will sync up very well with stuff that’s already on sale on the shelves. When you combine the sale price and the coupon, you’ll usually be able to get items for next to nothing.

Why does this work? Coupons in the newspaper are usually the first wave of a product push from large companies. They’ll put out coupons to start bumping up the sales, then they’ll move onto sale prices later on in the promotion.

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Canon EOS Rebel XSi

 Assets Resources 2008 01 Canon Hires Xsi 3Q
Canon’s Rebel line of entry-level digital SLR cameras seem to be a half-step ahead of their professional 30D/40D series. The new Rebel XSi has a 12.2 MP sensor, a Digic III processor, a 3″ LCD screen and “Live View” view-finding (also found in Canon’s top-of-the-line 1D Mark III series).

Sure, you won’t get the rugged sturdiness and weather-proofing of the professional line of SLRs, but the amount of functionality in these “entry level” cameras is comparable. Either way, I’d definitely recommend a Canon Rebel to anybody interested in taking the plunge into SLR photography.

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Office Cutlery

 Images Dinink
Would you use these?

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Cooking While Driving

 Assets Resources 2008 01 Exburg2
I’m all for efficiency but this seems a bit overkill to cook a single hamburger patty. I guess it all depends on how far you commute to work, too. Mmm… tasty.

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