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Why rip when Fox will rip it for you.

Fox is now shipping DVDs with “Pre-Ripped” content.

My copy of “Family Guy, Blue Harvest” is one of the first titles to have this feature. You get a standard DVD movie and a second CD-ROM with the “Pre-Ripped” copy.

Buyer beware!!!

Viewing the “Pre-Ripped” copy is not as easy as just putting the disc into your computer, copying the file and pressing play. Ohh no… Here’s what really happens. The disc will auto play and open iTunes. iTunes will direct you to enter a serial number as prof of purchase. Once the serial number is confirmed, iTunes will download the “Pre-Ripped” copy into your media library.

Yup! that’s right.

The “Pre-Ripped” copy was never on the CD-ROM. You have to download it.

Oh well, at least you don’t have to pay for two copies of the movie.



January 27, 2008 - Posted by | Movies, Software

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  1. The latest Harry Potter DVD, Order of the Phoenix, also contained a “pre-ripped” version …except it was actually on the bonus disc in WMV format. Same deal, though; you had to enter a code to get at it.

    Ended up being easier just to rip and transcode than deal with a WMV.

    Comment by DT | January 27, 2008

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