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A Carbon Fiber Cello?

Hey… If it’s good enough for Yoyo Ma


“I really love this instrument… we can play music that is traditional, but actually we are using technology to make it better.”

Yo Yo Ma, Cellist

Any first impressions?

Sacrilege or That’s COOL!!!


January 28, 2008 - Posted by | Music, Science and Technology


  1. from the Luis & Clark site…

    The instrument compares favourably to the traditional wooden one, and it’s considerably
    less expensive.

    “It’s surprising it has the quality of instruments costing many times more. I can tell you if a young player was looking at me saying what should I buy to move up, I’d say you should really consider it,” Ryan says.

    Gomez’s late-19th-century Italian cello cost him $20,000 years ago, a paltry sum for a professional instrument. A Stradivarius, a Guarneri or a Montagnana
    costs millions as compared with the carbon fibre instrument’s $7,500 price tag.

    Comment by xraytech | January 28, 2008

  2. Seems like a great idea to me. I’ve never been a fan of doing something a certain way just because “that’s always how it’s been done.” Besides, the fact that a Stradivarius costs so much money isn’t just because of the material it’s made of. It’s the quality of the entire piece. The sound, the construction, the feel. If a modern carbon-fiber instrument can sound just as good, feel just as good, and be of just as high a quality as its more traditional counterparts, then that sounds like a winner to me.

    Comment by Joe | January 29, 2008

  3. My thoughts exactly.

    I wonder if someone with even a decent ear can even tell the difference in sound. And if he or she can, I’d have to question if they have a bias towards one or the other.

    Comment by xraytech | January 29, 2008

  4. Hi everyone, just was browsing and saw this website, I am an amateur cellist playing in a symphonic orchestra in Ontario, Canada and I am very proud to say that I play a Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello. His concert christening was playing Beethven’s 7th symphony, with the beautiful cello solos passages and I have to say that I am totally impressed with my carbon baby !!very reliable even tone, powerful projection yet subtle colors can be produced, and no whiny tones on the a string. Very stable in winter conditions as well. Love it !!!

    Comment by Christiane | February 16, 2008

  5. Interesting Christiane… What did you play before getting a Luis & Clark?

    Comment by Bernard | February 17, 2008

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