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Super Tuesday!!!

No Ranting

No Persuading

Research & Just Do It

Cuz if you don’t vote

Don’t complain


February 4, 2008 - Posted by | Events, News, Philosophy


  1. Now if only I could convince many of my friends to vote. Almost none of them do. When I try to convince them of the necessity of utilizing this critical right, they use the insane (and unfortunately typical) response of, “My one vote doesn’t matter.”

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle that?

    Comment by Joe | February 4, 2008

  2. Well…

    Once they get in that mind set, it’s really hard to snap them out of it.

    What I do when ever any of my friends & colleges complain about how screwed up this and that is. I just say to them, “Did you Vote last time?” and just leave it at that. Hopefully that plants a seed.

    Comment by xraytech | February 4, 2008

  3. Normally by the time “Super Tuesday “ comes around, there’s already a clear cut leader. So us Californians have this complex that our votes don’t count becuase by the time we get to vote, the race has already been decided. This year is different. The Dems have Obama & Clinton, who are neck and neck in the Polls. The Reps have McCain Romney & Huckabee. McCain is ahead in the polls but Romney & Huckabee are still in the race.

    If you don’t Like “Any of the Above” at the least take a stand on the Local & State Propositions. Cuz those propositions are going to affect you sooner than whatever happens nationally.

    Comment by xraytech | February 4, 2008

  4. I definitely bring up the props whenever I can. There are often very important ones that can directly affect us. Today, though, I had no luck convincing anyone to vote. After mentioning all the props to them, the response was, “I haven’t researched any of those, so I can’t really vote on something I know nothing about.”

    While I do agree that you should be educated about what you’re voting about, I still felt it was just another cop-out. I mean, I really hadn’t done much research on the props until today, and I’ve found out a *ton* in a very short time. I feel my friends could’ve done the same, but I was unable to convince them of that. 😦

    Comment by Joe | February 5, 2008

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