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Ginormus Table Lamp

Nope… this was not Photo-Shopped. This is an actual Giant Table Lamp





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PicLens; Awesome Photo Viewer Add-On for Firefox

 Site Images Piclens-Header
This has to be one of the coolest add-ons for Firefox. With this installed, visit a Flickr site. You’ll see a little “play” button appear when you hover over an image. Hit “play” and interact to your heart’s content! 🙂

If you don’t have a Flickr page to go to, you can always use mine. 🙂

Nice find, DT!

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Bowed Piano Ensemble

 Images  Programs Morning Features 2008 Feb Bowedpiano300
Can we make playing the piano anymore complicated? Apparently so.

To get a sense of what the bowed piano is, imagine a grand piano with the lid lifted off. Ten musicians crowd around, leaning over the innards of the instrument, like a team of surgeons performing an operation.

The primary sound is produced by a bow of nylon fish-line, which is rosined, and that’s just threaded under the piano string and across it. There’s another kind of bow, which is a stick of wood which has horse hair affixed to it, and that’s rubbed against the strings to produce a short, percussive sound.

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Canon 5200mm Mirror Lens

 Mirrorlenses Images Page10
Need to take photos of something 18 to 32 miles away? Get one of these.

It’s awesome to see a lens with its own sighting scope. Can you find the SLR camera in the brochure page? 🙂

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The Wine Rack

 Pic P2061B
Yes, it’s for real. The product description is hilarious. This would make the perfect gift for some women (and men) I know. 🙂

 Pic P2061Ex3

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The Spice Gun

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2008 02 Sg1
For the culinary assassin in all of us.

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My Three Parents

 Assets Resources 2008 02 Clonedcells
Talk about taking that threesome to a whole new level.

In three to five years, a baby will be born with two genetic mothers and one father. This could prove to be a boon for polyamorous families of the future who want to have children with more than two parents. A team of British researchers working with embryos have now perfected the three-parent babymaking technique.

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Folding Bike Wheels

I can imagine this being handy for bike couriers in the city or commuters who want to stow their bike in a luggage compartment during the train portion of their commute.

I’m betting this will be pretty expensive initially.

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Perpetual Motion?

Looks convincing…

What do you guys think?

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