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Seven More Deadly Sins?!?

The Original Sinful Seven 








Now add Seven More


March 10, 2008 - Posted by | News


  1. Good thing I’m not Catholic because I’m probably guilty of all 14 of the sins I think.

    Lust -yeah, got that one covered.
    Gluttony – Yep, on vacation last weekend ate too much at a few different restaurants.
    Greed – I admit it, I took the last strawberry this morning.
    Sloth – Who hasn’t spent a day just lazing around moving slow?
    Wrath – Hmm, oh wait I’ve laid down the wrath of Raid on a few invading ant colonies.
    Pride – Damn, I have been known to show pride in my work before.
    Envy – yep.

    Genetic Modification – Yes, I have kept seeds from my garden in order to get heartier crops the following year in our chillier coastal climate. Technically that should count.
    Human Experimentations – Sure, I often see how hard I can push myself physically on a bike.
    Polluting – duh, I’m American and drive a car. Oh not to mention the whole Sewer issue in my home town.
    Social Injustice – I won’t give money directly to homeless people. I’m sure that counts.
    Causing Poverty – I bought a house, helping to drive property values up, thereby driving a few people out of the market.
    Financial Gluttony – yeah, when have you turned down a raise at work?
    Taking Drugs – Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, antihistamines… the list goes on and on.

    Woot, woot, a clean sweep.

    Apologies to my Catholic and religious friends that I might offend, but religion does not hold exclusive rights to morality. If the church wonders why people aren’t participating, maybe it is because they continue to show a lack of being in touch with reality. Polluting the earth is a sin, yet overpopulation isn’t? Preventing unwanted pregnancy through effective means of birth control is a bad thing? Sorry, but personal responsibility needs to come first and the idea that you can do all these things and then get the slate wiped clean by telling a priest about it is more than a little silly to me and apparently 60% of Catholics must be feeling somewhat the same way.

    I have to wonder about their leadership when the Catholic Church uses a lack of God as a reason for pedophilia. Don’t they get any of our sensationalism news channels, Fox, CNN? The whole molester priests scandals of a few years ago and the hiding of the behaviors by high ranking officials in the church. I think hypocrisy is one of the best ways to turn people against your message and teachings. Even if it is a very small percentage of the Church that was in the wrong, the handling of it was piss poor and had to drive some people away.

    Comment by morgan | March 11, 2008

  2. I think spamming should be on there too!

    Comment by Jim Savage | March 11, 2008

  3. Completely agree with you Morgan, and I’m Catholic!!! =D

    Comment by xraytech | March 11, 2008

  4. I’m blessed to be part of a parish that has a large swath of liberals and conservatives.

    The clergy I’m very close with agree that the Catholic Church needs to adapt to the changing times if it wants to survive. These are priests and nuns saying this.

    Comment by Mike | March 12, 2008

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