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Robots Playing a Larger Role in American’s Lives

Sure, we laugh about it now…


March 22, 2008 - Posted by | Humor, Philosophy, Science and Technology, Video


  1. 3 times a week I kneel before my robot vacuum and empty its waste bin. Only now do I see that I am merely a groveling caretaker providing it food in the form of electricity, cleaning up its waste and kneeling before it like an overlord when it complains.

    For all of its flaws, I do rather enjoy the little guy though.

    Comment by morgan | March 23, 2008

  2. Ahhh. I miss The Onion.

    I agree with you, though. Never thought I’d have much use for a Roomba until we got one. Now I love it. …no, really, we have a special relationship; a “bond”, if you will.

    …Now if I could only find the version that picks up all the toys first…

    Comment by DT | March 24, 2008

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