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Best Video Podcast Ever, Apple’s Quick Tip of the Week

For you Mac Newbies out there


I captured this image using the key commands,

command + shift + 4


March 30, 2008 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry, Mac, Science and Technology, Software, Video


  1. I use “command + shit + 4″ at every possible opportunity. ;P

    Macs are full of good, useful shortcuts …if you know them, …especially during startup. Seeing as you’re a new ‘juice drinker’, here’s a good reference list to start with (or end all?).

    Comment by DT | March 30, 2008

  2. I just googled ‘juice drinker’ and I think I’m insulted??? (shrug shoulders)

    Anyways, thanks for the link.

    Holy Crap! that’s a whole lot of short cuts.

    Comment by xraytech | March 30, 2008

  3. No insult… ‘kinda six-degrees off from “Drinking the Kool-Aid” (Jonestown Massacre reference).

    Mike refers to his new-found obsession computer usage as “drinking the Apple juice”.

    “You have taken your first step into a larger world.”

    Comment by DT | March 30, 2008

  4. Yeah, now where do I get the “Black T-shirt”?

    Comment by xraytech | March 30, 2008

  5. I do like my Mac, but man, I have to say that when I start hearing Mac users saying things like “drinking the juice” and “You have taken your first step into a larger world,” I just about want to sell the thing and stop using computers altogether. Just go ride my motorcycle and give up on the computer cults once and for all. 🙂

    Comment by Joe | March 31, 2008

  6. Let’s not forget that these are just tools to enhance our lives, not religious cults.

    I’m pretty sick of all the fanboy-ism regardless of how awesome and sleek and sexy and wonderful and stupendous my Mac is.


    In all seriousness though, there are better things in life to be “fanatic” about. And let’s not forget that I started MCOJ as a place to share cool stories and links and intelligent & entertaining discourse.

    Comment by Mike | March 31, 2008

  7. Ok, are you guys really freaking out about this? Did you actually think I was serious because I didn’t use an emoticon? WTF!?!


    I seriously can’t believe you two. Wow…simply amazing.

    Comment by DT | March 31, 2008

  8. Ooops…

    Sorry about the typo.




    Also, I did get the Joke. =D

    Comment by xraytech | March 31, 2008

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