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Flight of the Conchords – Bret, You’ve Got it Going On

We all need to memorize this song for all those friends that need a pick me up.


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Remember The Milk Plugin for QuickSilver

Remember the Milk is easily one of my essential productivity tools. Add to that the keyboard application launcher of deliciousness, QuickSilver, and you have a combination that’s just plain dangerous.

I know this is a niche target audience, but if you happen to be a user of both of these products, Brian Moore created a Remember the Milk QuickSilver plugin.

I didn’t realize how many 3rd party apps were developed for Remember The Milk. Good stuff.

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Iron Man Trailer To Be Made Into Feature Film

Nice find, DT. 🙂

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History of Home Values, Presented as a Roller Coaster has a unique visualization of the above graph.  Instead of a pie chart or line graph or any number of variations, they’ve plotted housing values as a roller coaster ride.

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Audiobook Builder

 Images Logo-Audiobookbuilder
I’ve been addicted to Audiobooks lately simply because of how it alleviates the mundanity of chores and repetitive, mindless tasks. Why just fold laundry when you can fold laundry and listen to a good book?

Before the emergence of sites like Audible there were “Books on CD” (and even before then, “Books on Tape”). Ripping those CDs into mp3s and then loading them into your favorite mp3 player is usually a no-brainer, but for iPod users you can go a little further.

Enter Audiobook Builder.

 Images Ss-Abb-Chapters

This $10 piece of software allows you to convert your existing mp3 collection of audiobooks into the iPod’s special audiobook format (m4b). What this buys you is the ability to use chapter stops, bookmarking and consolidation from a large number of files into one or two files. It integrates with iTunes nicely and is very simple to use. If you have a set of Books on CD that you haven’t ripped yet, you can use this software to organize exactly how you want your chapter stops and how big each file is.

I’ve already converted all of my old audiobooks and spoken word mp3s with this software and am very pleased with its ease of use and quality. I’m not converting the old way anymore. 🙂

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Open Piano Surgery

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I broke my piano recently during a fairly intense practice session for an upcoming concert. Three of the keys, C# (2 below middle C), middle C, and F stopped responding. The hammers wouldn’t go.

Luckily I know a good piano technician.

He pulled out the “action” of the piano, discovered that the reaction springs were loose and proceeded to adjust them. What amazes me is the amount of engineering that goes into a modern piano. Looking at the hammer mechanism, I’m fairly amazed at how it can hold up to my heavier piano pieces–pieces that involve laying a good percentage of my body weight into the keys.

Music and engineering. Good stuff.

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Devil’s Pool @ Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This is number one on my “Bucket List”.

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Fireworks at AT&T Park

Photographing Fireworks is a lot harder than you think. Out of a total 160 images taken these 14 came out decent.

All taken with a tripod, wired remote and with these settings.

Exposure: 4 sec

Aperture: f/16

ISO Speed: 100

Thanks for the tips Mike.

Want more? Check out this flickr group “FIREWORKS”

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Remember the Milk and Gmail Integration

 Img Services Gmail Ss Gmail
Now here are two great tastes that taste great together. For those of you that make use of Gmail for email and Remember The Milk for task management (*cough*Morgan*cough*), there’s a Firefox Extension called Remember The Milk for Gmail which integrates your task list within Gmail’s interface.

Totally worth it.

For those of you wondering what this is all about, there’s a great article at Unclutterer that will ease you into this system.

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Viewfinder: How to Seamlessly “Flickerize” Google Earth

A collaborative effort at USC aims to integrate gps-tagged Flickr photos with Google Earth. Here’s their abstract:

“Viewfinder” is a novel method for users to spatially situate, or “find the pose,” of their photographs, and then to view these photographs, along with others, as perfectly aligned overlays in a 3D world model such as Google Earth. Our objective is to provide a straightforward procedure for geo-locating photos of any kind, and our approach is to engage a community of users for a certain amount of human help. We specify that a 10-year-old should be able to find the pose of a photo in less than a minute, and we are convinced that this goal is achievable. While we are not entirely there yet, we are getting closer. This is our progress report.

April 3, 2008

Seeing stuff like this makes me reconsider the possibility of witnessing The Singularity within my lifetime. Awesome.

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