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The Ultimate Protection Portfolio

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Being a new dad, safeguarding my family’s security is one of the highest priorities in my life. I never used to think about “disaster protection” and fire-proof safes for important records until now.

I see stuff like Suze Orman’s Ultimate Protection Portfolio and I wonder if I should be doing something along those lines.

I already digitize all of my important documents and store them offsite on a mirrored nation-wide server. Do you guys have any similar processes?


April 1, 2008 - Posted by | General, How-To

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  1. Let’s see, I’ve at least signed up for an Amazon S3 account and installed JungleDisk. I haven’t got the actual offsite backups running just yet.

    Additionally I recently acquired a modest fireproof safe that I’m going to keep important documents in. In addition to the important documents I’ll follow the lead of a friend of mine and create a fireproof storage drive. Utilizing a USB powered hard drive, you can drill through the insulation in the bottom of the safe. Pass in your USB cable and then fill the cavity in with fireproof caulking. The caulking expands under heat and should fill any void caused by a potentially melting USB cord. That should give me an onsite backup option to augment my offsites with JungleDisk. Then I can limit my offsites to the more critical stuff.

    The key is to make the backup process as painless as possible. Having the fireproof safe means I’m more likely to put stuff in it rather than go to a bank or safe deposit box.

    As for the checklists and other pieces of the process. Those are still in my GTD Someday list.

    Comment by Morgan | April 1, 2008

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