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Macbook Running a little hot? Try smcFanControl

While running HandBrake the other day, I noticed that the keyboard on my MacBook was getting a little hot. Especially around the Function Keys. My previous Dell, which I dubbed “The Frying Pan”, always ran hot but it never felt this hot.

So I did some Google-ing and found this Menu Bar App called smcFanControl

Yet another step towards voiding the warranty on my MacBook Pro.


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Taking GIMP and Running with it

Here are my first few of photos post processed with GIMP

(Click on the image to view the original capture)

All I did was Crop, adjusted Levels, Sharpened and bumped up the color saturation. So far I’m very impressed by the functionality of this FREE app. I guess I can hold off on buying Photoshop CS3 for a while

Next stop, Portraits.

If you want to see more GIMP images, there is a GIMP Users group on Flickr. And while you’re there check out the discussions, an excellent resource for GIMP Tips.

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