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MediaDefender Mounted a DoS Attack on Revision3

Just got this link from a close friend who works at Revision3.

I’m frankly appalled at this blatant attack by “old media” on “new media.” I sincerely hope that legal action is taken.

via Digg, via Revision3


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Rent vs. Buy Calculator

 Assets Resources 2008 05 Rent-Vs-Buy
The New York Times has a handy Flash-based tool that may help you decide whether buying is better than renting a house. The interface is sleek and the data is presented clearly and succinctly.

via Lifehacker

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Japanese Game Shows Take 2

Mike has posted on here about the Ninja Warrior challenge. The latest variation of Japanese game show to catch my attention is Unbeatable Banzuke. Unicycle stunts, trials riding mountain bikes

Unbeatable Banzuke- Super rider

Sample Courses:

  • Hand Walk I, II, IIIA, IIIB — Obstacle course where competitors walk on their hands. This course has a break zone. Between IIIA and IIIB, the Conveyor Belt was changed to Bamboo Bridge.
  • Like a Pierrot I, II, III, IV, V — Obstacle course where competitors ride a unicycle. This event has the most victories.
  • Super Rider I, II, III — Obstacle course where competitors ride a bicycle.
  • Skeboarder — Obstacle course where competitors ride a skateboard. This course has a break zone.
  • Bamboo Derby I, IIA, IIB, III — Obstacle course where competitors walk on stilts. Between IIA and IIB, Green Mountain was changed to Snow Mountain.
  • Kangaroo — Obstacle course where competitors use a pogo stick. Has a break zone.
  • Giant Ball — Obstacle course where competitors stay atop a 5-foot-wide ball.
  • Ottoto 9 — Obstacle course where competitors balance a metal pole on two fingers. Letting the pole fall or touch any metal obstacle results in failure. This course has a break zone. This course has been conquered by one person.
  • Super Helico — Obstacle course involving a radio-controlled helicopter. This course has a break zone to allow the copter’s batteries to be replaced.
  • Neko de Drive — Obstacle course involving a man transporting a woman on a wheelbarrow that looks like a cat. The contestants have 60 seconds to complete the first four obstacles and reach the break zone. After that, the time is unlimited.
  • Quick Muscle — Two competitors have to do as many push-ups as they can in 3 minutes. The one who does more at the end of 3 minutes is declared the champion.
  • Muscle Gym — Two competitors have to do as many sit-ups, back extensions, and push-ups as they can in 3 minutes.
  • Athletic Love — Two people of a couple stand at either end of a bridge-like construct. They have 60 seconds to reach the center without falling off or using their hands.
  • Sponge Bridge I, II — Competitors have to walk atop three rows of giant foam blocks, each harder than the last. KUNOICHI‘s third stage obstacle, Domino Hill, is similar to this event.
  • Daruma 7 — A ‘daruma’ sits atop a stack of 7 blocks. Competitors use a sledgehammer to knock out each block from the bottom up without letting the ‘daruma’ fall off.
    • Super Daruma — Modified version of Daruma 7 which has 9 blocks to knock out instead of 7.
    • Daruma 7 Ace — Modified version of Daruma 7 which the blocks start out small and get larger.
  • Extra Kendama — Competitors play with a life-size kendama. They have 60 seconds to swing the ball onto the large cup, then onto the small cup, and finally onto the central spike.
  • Seesaw 60 — Two people stand atop a giant seesaw. They have 60 seconds to move a 10-kg barrel from one side to the other without letting either end of the seesaw touch the floor. A third person gets to call out advice to the other two people.
  • Banzai 90 — A 6-person team has 90 seconds to launch one of their own onto each of four padded logs hanging several feet above the floor.

On the G4 network.

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Mac OS X 10.5.3: sync Google Contacts with Addressbook

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This has me genuinely excited. All I can say is: FINALLY. This update comes free with the 10.5.3 OS X update (available now). Little by little, Plaxo’s synchronization goodness becomes obsolete for me.

via Google Mac Blog

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Dollhouse; Whedon-fans, Rejoice!

Joss Whedon fans, rejoice! His Whedon-cellency has a new show in the works that will be airing in Fall ’08. The bad news? It’s going to be on the Fox network, which killed Firefly in its pillowy crib so long ago. The funny news? Whedonites are already forming a “save the show” campaign in anticipation of Dollhouse being cancelled. Being a believer in self-fulfilling prophecy, I think that’s a bit much, but hey, you can’t fault them for their spunk.

I’m still smarting over Firefly being cancelled.

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Leaked Photos of 3G iPhone and Accessories; Potentially Huge

 2034 2426378616 94D0A8F477
And of course, the matching ear buds:
 3205 2509242420 77353E8D7E

Nice find, AG. 🙂

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The Original Japanese Version of The Office

I don’t watch The Office, but I found this hilarious anyway.

Great find, AG. 🙂

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MUTO, a wall-painted animation by BLU

Definitely an elevation of graffiti into art. Odd content, but still mesmerizing.

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World’s Largest Swimming Pool

 Assets Cellar Pool Pool.01
From The Cellar – Image of the Day:

If you like doing laps in the swimming pool, you might want to stock up on the energy drinks before diving in to this one.

It is more than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water.

Yesterday the Guinness Book of Records named the vast pool beside the sea in Chile as the biggest in the world.

But if you fancy splashing out on one of your own – and you have the space to accommodate it – then beware: This one took five years to build, cost nearly 1billion and the annual maintenance bill will be 2million.

The man-made saltwater lagoon has been attracting huge crowds to the San Alfonso del Mar resort at Algarrobo, on Chile ‘s southern coast, since it opened last month.

Its turquoise waters are so crystal clear that you can see the bottom even in the deep end.

It dwarfs the world’s second biggest pool, the Orthlieb – nicknamed the Big Splash – in Morocco , which is a mere 150 yards long and 100 yards wide. An Olympicsize pool measures some 50 yards by 25 yards.

Chile’s monster pool uses a computer- controlled suction and filtration system to keep fresh seawater in permanent circulation, drawing it in from the ocean at one end and pumping it out at the other.

The sun warms the water to 26c, nine degrees warmer than the adjoining sea.

Chilean biochemist Fernando Fischmann, whose Crystal Lagoons Corporation designed the pool, said advanced engineering meant his company could build ‘an impressive artificial paradise’ even in inhospitable areas.

‘As long as we have access to unlimited seawater, we can make it work, and it causes no damage to the ocean.’

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Come Together by 9-year-old Sungha Jung

Considering his age (around 12yo now I believe), Sungha Jung has a mature playing technique. He has a bunch of videos on YouTube playing a whole slew of songs, many of which are Beatles covers. Definitely check them out if you can.

He has a MySpace page as well.

Nice find, xraytech. 🙂

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