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Only 24 Hours

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, had a recent entry on time management in his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s say you have a typical life and try to live it in the healthiest way. You might allocate your 24-hour weekday this way:

Sleep: 8 hours
Exercise: 1 hour
Work: 8 hours
Eating: 2 hours (leisurely)
Hygiene: 1 hour
Travel: 1 (Commute, errands)

That leaves you three hours for family time, sex, shopping, food preparation, chores, household repair, volunteering in the school, and so on. If you have a dentist appointment, or your talkative relative calls, or American Idol has a two-hour special, you’re tapped out.

It’s a challenge to live a happy life if you aren’t giving enough attention to all of those categories, yet doing so is nearly impossible.

I found this to be thought-provoking and perspective building. Out of curiosity, how do you usually break up your day?


May 2, 2008 - Posted by | General, Philosophy

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