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BMW GINA Light Visionary Model; Fabric-skinned Concept Car

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I can imagine driving a car built out of wire mesh, carbon fiber and fabric skin. The idea of being able to control the shape of my vehicle via electro-hydraulic devices that manipulate the frame is sexy. I just don’t want to imagine getting into an accident with an SUV in this car.


June 11, 2008 - Posted by | Oddities, Science and Technology

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  1. Designer in battle against BMW for “Gina”


    Source: Corriere della Sera 01/03/2009 – Michele Manno

    It is certainly a strange case that has ended up on the desk of the Public Prosecutor in Rome.
    You could almost say that the two contestants are the present situation and the future.
    The present situation is represented by designer Giuseppe Bianco; the future by the well-known BMW car manufacturers.
    Why future? Because BMW recently won an award in Paris for the most beautiful “Concept Car of 2008”.
    The car has an unusual name: ”Gina”. And we know for a fact that, like Gina Lollobrigida and all other women, Gina loves elegant clothes. So much so that she has been called the “Light visionary model”.
    She is a car that we will never actually see on the road, like all “concept cars” which, by definition, propose new ideas destined to take shape on the roads of everyday life some time in the near future. The idea is in the composition of the car body, consisting principally of an elasticized fabric stretched over the frame which can be modified at the touch of a button, depending on the driver’s tastes. So it is a fabric to suit all occasions, from a simple meal in a pizzeria to a Gala evening in Monte Carlo. It is a kind of travelling haute couture wardrobe.
    But this is where the present, with its laws and regulations, impacts on “Gina’s” destiny. Fashion designer Giuseppe Bianco has initiated a case against BMW, alleging counterfeit and the violation of the industrial property law, claiming that it was he who, in 2005, invented the exclusive procedure by which it is possible to apply any type of covering (leather, fabric and technical materials) to the body of a car or motorbike, thus making “the coverings themselves impermeable and resistant to atmospheric agents”. Before turning to the justice system, in this case public prosecutor Marcello Monteleone, Giuseppe Bianco’s lawyers warned BMW not to continue any activities connected with the use of this process. But the car was still presented.
    Whatever the truth of the matter – and legal battles over patents are usually complex – perhaps one day we will hear the verdict. It is up to the judiciary to decide who is right and who is wrong: but for once the case does not concern murder, disputes or violence, but the future of a car; and the prosecution and defence have to make a decision about “Gina”.

    Comment by marc | March 19, 2009

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