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Canon EOS 50D

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Is the end of my Canon EOS 20D drawing nigh? I’ve managed to stave off not one, but two iterations in the Canon EOS X0D family. Will my resolve crumble? We’ll see.

Digital Photography Review has a fairly thorough preview on the Canon EOS 50D.

Along with the better weather sealing and overall bump in specs, I most interested in the new Digic IV processor and how it handles noise reduction with such high light sensitivity (ISO 12800). I’ll definitely wait until Digital Photography Review gets their hands on a production model and puts the thing through its paces.

How excited am I about this camera, you ask? Well, it’s 3:30am and I’m still awake reading about it.


August 26, 2008 - Posted by | Photography


  1. If your resolve -does- crumble, I might be able to take that 20D off your hands… 😉

    Comment by radium226 | August 26, 2008

  2. Well I resolve to get a smaller DSLR the next time I travel. Possibly the Nikon D700 or even downgrade to the diminutive Nikon D40.

    Comment by Bernie | August 26, 2008

  3. Oh… the 50D is nice too. 😉

    Comment by Bernie | August 26, 2008

  4. Oh yeah one more thing.

    Show some love for Nikon, MAN!!!

    Comment by Bernie | August 28, 2008

  5. Alright then, I’ll take it upon myself to be the voice for the Nikonians

    Comment by Bernie | August 28, 2008

  6. i have to say i’m really impressed you’ve been able to stay true to the 20d for so long, you being such a gadget guy and all. 🙂 i’d actually make a game out of it and see how long you can resist the temptation to buy new gear.

    Comment by Emilio | September 3, 2008

  7. @Emilio, har har har. 🙂 Honestly I don’t see myself upgrading unless my 20D has some sort of traumatic accident. It’s really all about the lenses anyway.

    Comment by Mike | September 3, 2008

  8. Leses ROCK!!!

    I bought one particular lens in 2005. I use it a few times and found that I had no use for it unless I needed to shoot in very low light conditions. So I put it aside and completely forget about it.

    Just a few days ago, I put the lens up on eBay. If the auction were to end right now I would break even.


    Comment by Bernie | September 3, 2008

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