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Stylize Your Bokeh

Bokeh is a Japanese term for the creamy, out-of-focus area.

Bokeh is a Japanese term for the creamy, out-of-focus area.

That creamy, out-of-focus area usually in the background of a photo is referred to as “bokeh“. The shape of a bokeh is usually dependent on how many aperture blades a lens has.

DIY Photography has a great article on creating your own bokeh shapes. Can’t wait to try this out.

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Firefox 3 Add On – UrlbarExt

The UrlbarExt add-on for Firefox 3 is one of the handiest extensions I’ve seen.

The functionality of the default buttons include, from left to right:

1. Copy the current site URL or custom formatted URL.
2. Shorten the URL using your favorite service or right-click for more options.
3. Search the current site using Google for the selected keyword. Right-click opens a dialog for adding keywords.
4. Go up one level, or directly to the root of the current site with a double-click. Right-click gives you a list of levels to choose from.
5. Tag and bookmark the current page from a menu of tags.
6. Navigate through sequential URLs. (if the URL ends in a number, it will take you to the next numbered URL)
7. Surf anonymously using online phproxy servers. Right-click lets you view the Google Cache along with other options.

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Create Your Own Trek Adventure

Stephanie Fox over at created a hilarious flow chart for creating your own Star Trek plots. I embedded the flow chart after the jump.

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Doom As A Sysadmin Tool

"Sneaking up on my processes."

Now here’s a great interface with your operating system. Imagine literally killing processes by playing Doom.

Some of the potential benefits of using Doom as a tool for system administration:

  • The machine load is immediately apparent to the player, who can see how crowded a room is. The player can eyeball many machines from a high vantage point and go down to a room that needs maintenance.
  • There is a nice continuum for resource allocation. A user may choose to simply wound processes rather than killing them, which could naturally be translated to renicing them.
  • A new sysadmin can be given less power by providing her with a smaller weapon. A rank beginner may not be given a weapon at all and be forced to attack processes with her bare hands. It would take a foolhardy player to attack a room full of monsters, just as a newbie should not kill a bunch of important processes. A more experienced sysadmin would have time to stop a newbie who is trying to kill the wrong process. The real work could be left to those with the big guns. The truly great sysadmins could have BFGs.
  • Really crowded systems would regulate their own load because monsters occasionally kill each other. Once the population in a room goes down, the monsters will stop attacking each other.
  • Drastic action takes work. In a command line interface, all actions take approximately the same amount of effort. One can ls just as easily as rm -rf *, which is kind of unfortunate. In a cyberspace environment, the players are not omnipotent, so performing large actions takes time and effort.
  • Important processes can be instantiated as more powerful monsters.
  • They can then defend themselves against inexperienced sysadmins.
  • Sysadmins could cooperate or compete. Doom is a natural environment for player-to-player interactions. A team of players can cooperate to take care of a heavily-loaded system, or they can even take out rogue sysadmins who are killing the wrong processes.

Nice find, AG!

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Path Finder – Mac OS X Finder on Steroids

Mac OS X’s Finder application (Explorer for you Windows folks) gets the job done, but I always felt that interfacing with it was somewhat cumbersome, most especially in folder navigation (with a deep folder hierarchy), drag & drop copying and being able to deal with version control repositories nicely.

Path Finder seems to be the answer to those gripes.

Multiple features abound, such as:

  • keyboard navigation
  • a “drop box” for copying things
  • multi-pane viewing options
  • Subversion repository support
  • easier file searching capabilities

That’s just scratching the surface. Definitely check out their website and the video screencast.

At $40, it seems like a steep price, but when you think about all that you are gaining, it really doesn’t seem that much. I’m going to give the trial version a run for awhile to see if this will be worth purchasing.

Has anyone else used this?

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What’s Going On Here?

What's going on here?

What's going on here?

Anybody willing to take a guess as to what is going through former President Bush’s mind in this photo? I find the nakedness of emotion almost disturbing.

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – Commentary! The Musical

It's horribly delicious!

It's horribly delicious!

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog yet, make haste to Hulu first before continuing!

Included in the DVD release is a commentary… which is itself another whole musical!

There’s a YouTube Channel which has all the Commentary! tracks. Because I love you all, I embedded them after the jump (on page 2).

Also, don’t forget that you can see the lyrics and liner notes for both the musical and Commentary! the musical at the Dr. Horrible website.

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Nearly 2-Gigapixel Panoramic of Inauguration

1,474 megapixels is a lot of pixels.

1,474 megapixels is a lot of pixels.

Panoramics are cool. Being able to zoom into a photo so detailed that you can almost read the sheet music off of a music stand of a band member? That’s awesome.

via Gizmodo

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Living vs. Recording "The Moment"


With the ubiquity of technology, especially cameraphone technology, do you find that you are recording moments more often than simply living moments? Do you live your life “vicariously through yourself”?

Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live?

Thanks @reggiewirjadi and @marilee for the link!

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Documentary on Sushi

Nice find, Angelo!

I had no idea. No idea at all. It’s rich with tradition!

P.S. I think my favorite sushi roll of all is the one on the second menu at the end, the Mini Toyota Supra Roll.

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