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Do Nice Engineers Finish Last?

This article angers me mostly because I can see the truth in it. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

An excerpt:

Stuart is a good guy. Very nice and well liked by his coworkers. And to my knowledge he is very competent as well, having worked his way up from a support engineer into management in a just few years at the company.

Well, Stuart has a peer manager who took care of networks and security. We’ll call him Doug. According to Stuart, Doug was not so nice. He was rather conniving and was constantly taking credit for his team’s accomplishments and sometimes other teams — especially Stuart’s team. Stuart on the other hand always gave his team credit for their work and praised his peer’s accomplishments. He basically ignored Doug, only dealing with him professionally as necessary.

Even worse, Doug consistently called out his team members in front of upper management when things went wrong. If a virus made its way from someone’s thumb drive onto the network, Doug could be heard screaming at employees down the hall. When one of Stuart’s team members made a mistake, he would take that opportunity to teach them and would take full responsibility for the error with management.

Ok, you get the picture. Stuart – nice guy. Doug – not so nice guy. Both delivered results and both were paid the same. Their years of experience were identical and both had college degrees.

Who got laid off?


January 19, 2009 - Posted by | News, Rants

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