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Ubiquity – Keyboard Launchy-Goodness for Firefox

Keyboard goodness for Firefox

Keyboard goodness for Firefox

Being a victim of RSI, I do my best to pay special attention to anything that will help prevent that. I already have a kick-butt keyboard at work, but mousing around is still bothersome. In an effort to make more use of the kick-butt keyboard, I’m heavily into application launchers like Quicksilver (for Mac) and Launchy (for Windows).

Ubiquity adds more launchy-goodness to Firefox. Lifehacker has a great intro to Ubiquity that is worth checking out.

via Lifehacker


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Skitch – Best. Screenshot Tool. Ever.

Skitch is one of the best screenshot tools I’ve worked with. What sells me is how easy it is to annotate (notice my smiley face and additional text up there?) and how easy it is to just “drag and drop” everything.

It’s also free, so there’s no excuse to not get it.

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