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Google Voice

Voicemail transcription is freakily awesome.

Voicemail transcription is freakily awesome.

Google has unleashed upon us its rebranding of GrandCentral with neato features like Voicemail transcription.

When I logged into my GrandCentral account, I was given the option to keep GrandCentral or to upgrade to Google Voice. I’ve futzed around with the interface a little and am very impressed by its Gmail-like feel. I also tested out the free SMS capability and it works like a charm. 🙂

Check out Adam Pash’s screenshot tour over at Lifehacker.

via Lifehacker


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  1. Finally got my GV invite. I ended up buying one off eBay for about $.99

    Unfortunately, Apple pulled the “Google Voice” from the App Store.

    Fortunately, I have a Jailbroken your iPhone. =D

    Comment by Bernie | August 20, 2009

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