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Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival

We need more weird festivals like the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival. Happy Friday!

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WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Engine

WolframAlpha - computational knowledge engine

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about WolframAlpha in the twitterverse, but I didn’t check it out until now. First off, it isn’t a search engine like Google or Yahoo (though Google has Wolfram-like qualities like being able to do basic math). It’s an engine that does something with the data in question.

I can’t do any justice with words. It’s best if you just go experiment with the site for yourself. Try the following to get an idea of its capabilities:

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Here’s a great (experimental) Firefox Add-On that embeds Wolfram Alpha search results whenever you do a Google search. Also, be sure to check out the video tour by Wolfram Alpha’s creator–totally worth it!

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Should You Forward That Email?


via Gizmodo

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Soy Tu Aire – Interactive Digital Art

Soy Tu Aire

Soy Tu Aire is one of the most innovative uses of Flash that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an interactive music video. Once it starts, the moving inkblot will follow your mouse around. The screen grab above does not do it any justice. You’ll definitely want headphones or speakers, too. The inkblot is in tune with the music.

This is the art in today’s age, no doubt.

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The Day The Dancers Stayed

The Day the Dancers Stayed

One of my photos was used for the cover of a book that will be released in the Fall: The Day The Dancers Stayed – Performing in the Filipino/American Diaspora.

Okay, the shameless plug is over.

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Twitter Plugin for Pidgin

Twitter for Pidgin

Twitter evolved from being an SMS mailing list to an ubiquitous, constantly evolving social network platform.  Some use it as a microblog, summing up a day’s or hour’s (or minute’s even) experience in 140 characters. Some use it as an easy way to update your Facebook Status. I see it as a never-ending conversation with “hundreds of your closest friends.”

With the microblog-purple project at, you can now install a Twitter plugin for Pidgin and/or Adium.  I’ve been using the Pidgin plugin for 10 minutes and I already love it. It really feeds the “conversational” mental model I have of Twitter.

The plugin provides all of your basic Twitter interface needs (e.g. replying, retweeting, favorite-ing) but what’s noticeably missing is a “direct message” link and the ability to view direct messages sent to you.  The former is easily circumvented by just using the normal Twitter convention of prefixing a “d” before a username, but the latter doesn’t seem to have any workable solution.

All in all, though, I’m sold on this plugin (until the next best thing comes along).

via microblog-purple via Google Code

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Mouse Cursor Wrap-Around

Having two widescreen monitors at work in a vertical orientation makes for some interesting mousing (or trackballing, rather) for me.  I’ve gotten pretty proficient at “throwing” the cursor but that still burns too many calories for this sedentary office fixture of an engineer.

Edgeless 2 (7th app down) is a great little app that allow the mouse cursor to wrap around vertically, horizontally or both. Super handy. Windows only, though.

Edgeless 2 (direct download link) via FX Software via Lifehacker

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Dropbox – Free Syncing, Revision Control and 2GB

Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

I’ve read about Dropbox awhile back and the general consensus seems to be of awesomeness with whipped cream and a cherry on top.  Even though I’m already a heavy JungleDisk user, you can’t argue with something that is free and easy to use, so I gave it a shot.

Dropbox runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, makes file sharing very easy and (here’s what won me over) has simple revision control just in case you accidentally overwrite or delete anything.  I can see using this for collaboration on a project for users who don’t want to deal with conventional revision control systems like CVS or Subversion.

Give it a test drive.  Or at least take look at the screenshot tour or screencast.

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Getting Mugged in the Insect World

Hands up, bub, or I'll use my ovipositor on you!

From io9:

Here you can see a very strange encounter between a fly and an ant that was wandering up a tree. Wild says he saw flies landing on the ants, holding them against the tree for a few seconds, and then flying away. He couldn’t figure out what was going on until he used the magnifying action of his camera lens to get a good look at what the bugs were doing. It turned out the flies were mugging the ants, pinning them down and stealing their food.

Alex Wild is the genius researcher and photographer behind these amazing captures.

via io9 via Photo Synthesis

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AT&T myWireless iPhone App

Now you can keep track of your account on the go. It’s free so don’t complain.

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