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Twitter Plugin for Pidgin

Twitter for Pidgin

Twitter evolved from being an SMS mailing list to an ubiquitous, constantly evolving social network platform.  Some use it as a microblog, summing up a day’s or hour’s (or minute’s even) experience in 140 characters. Some use it as an easy way to update your Facebook Status. I see it as a never-ending conversation with “hundreds of your closest friends.”

With the microblog-purple project at, you can now install a Twitter plugin for Pidgin and/or Adium.  I’ve been using the Pidgin plugin for 10 minutes and I already love it. It really feeds the “conversational” mental model I have of Twitter.

The plugin provides all of your basic Twitter interface needs (e.g. replying, retweeting, favorite-ing) but what’s noticeably missing is a “direct message” link and the ability to view direct messages sent to you.  The former is easily circumvented by just using the normal Twitter convention of prefixing a “d” before a username, but the latter doesn’t seem to have any workable solution.

All in all, though, I’m sold on this plugin (until the next best thing comes along).

via microblog-purple via Google Code


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  1. Anyone else feel there’s something wrong with the phrase “hundreds of your closest friends…”?

    Suppose I’m just an old geezer who’s been left in the dust for not jumping into the cloud.

    Comment by radium226 | May 19, 2009

  2. Hah. I forgot to put that in quotes to denote that statement was meant to be read dryly. 🙂 Fixed now.

    Comment by Mike | May 20, 2009

  3. Thanks for sharing. I just added this and another plugin that allows me to field incoming and outgoing messages across the Facebook platform and feel like celebrating the fact that I’m going to save an amazing amount of time thanks to Pidgin plugins.

    Comment by Bob | December 16, 2009

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