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Snag Your Pre-Owned iPhone Apps Before Updating to 3.0

I’m generally excited about the impending iPhone 3.0 firmware update, but I’m not excited about the removal of one of my favorite features: the ability to re-download any previously purchased application.

Because of the relatively cheap (or free) price tag of iPhone apps, I’ve fallen into that demographic of playing with an app for a day or two and then tossing it if it isn’t useful or entertaining enough to keep around.  The ability to grab these apps again at no cost from the iTunes Store makes “house-cleaning” a no-brainer for me—I can keep my “Applications” area in iTunes lean, clean and mean (since it does slow down noticeably when you have hundreds of apps).

If Apple does decide to clamp down on this functionality, I’ll probably give-in to my packrat-ish ways and keep every (paid) app I download around “just in case.”  Maybe I should copy them to 3.5” floppies just in case.

via The iPhone Blog via Lifehacker


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