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iPhone OS 3.0 Update

Audiobook Upgrade

I’ve successfully updated my family’s respective iPhones to version 3.0 of the firmware. No horror stories to share from me, though I am a tad bit annoyed by the extra page of applications that was inserted to make room for the new Voice Memo app. Instead of just pushing the applications over by one to make room, the update inserted a blank page and pushed one application onto it. Bleh.

There are plenty of articles on the interwebs describing the hottest features in the 3.0 update (like auto-authentication at any AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot), but one upgrade that I didn’t see written about was how the iPod app handles audiobooks. There are two new buttons: one that rewinds you back 30 seconds, and one that increases the playback speed. I love this.

How did the update go for you?


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  1. Even with my Jailbroken iPhone 3G, the 3.0 update went smoothly. 4 of my apps right off the bat needed updating but that went smoothly also.

    AT&T Auto-Authentication
    Have not tried it but I’m guessing it’s AWESOME! Say bye bye Easy WiFi App.

    SpotLight Search
    Find Contacts, E-mails, Music & Apps with just a flick to the right and a few taps. BRILLIANT!!!

    Internet Tethering
    I was bummed that AT&T disable Internet Tethering, but the toggle switch ‘is’ accessible under…

    Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering

    So AT&T will eventually enable tethering, but at a premium. Possibly $70/month from what I hear from Mike. But look what I found. =D

    And you don’t have to Jailbrake your iPhone!!!

    For those afraid that AT&T will up your fees if you do start to Tether, don’t be. Just be very cautious. Before 3.0, I was tethering with a Jailbroken 3G for about 3 months and my AT&T bill has not changed. Fingers crossed =D

    With just over 3 hours of playtime, 3.0 gets my thumbs up. As for 1st Gen iPhone users? Yes, your phones have been granted a stay of execution. Only a small handful of the new features in 3.0 need 3G, GPS w/magnetometer, or the faster processor.

    Comment by Bernie | June 17, 2009

  2. Forgot to add that all my Jailbroken Apps were given the boot. Which I expected anyways and at this point don’t really miss. =D

    Comment by Bernie | June 17, 2009

  3. Just tested the AT&T Auto-Authentication.

    Hmmm, to many taps to get from here to there. The Easy WiFi for AT&T App connects way faster.

    Comment by Bernie | June 18, 2009

  4. Tried AT&T Auto-Authentication, again at a different AT&T HotSpot. Still kinda Buggy.

    So I tried to reinstall “Easy WiFi for AT&T” and guess what? It’s no longer available at the App Store. Those sneaky basturds. >=[

    Comment by Bernie | June 18, 2009

  5. Thank God for Time Machine & Time Capsule. I restored that .ipa file and everything is well in the universe. =D

    Comment by Bernie | June 18, 2009

  6. Here’s and easier way to enable Tethering.

    Sorry 3G only.

    Comment by Bernie | June 18, 2009

  7. Had the 3.0 update on my 3G for a while now, and it’s been up and down. I do like the new features (especially how you can hold down a link in Safari to pop up some handling options, such as “open in new window”). I’m not so happy, though, at the increased sluggishness in general, and the fact that my phone now completely freezes every few days, requiring me to do a hard reboot.

    Comment by Joe | June 30, 2009

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