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Google Chrome OS


If you are hearing about Google’s foray into the operating system war for the first time, then I humbly thank you for being a follower of Morning Cup O’ Joe. When Google broke the news on its blog last night, the entire web was abuzz.

As a friend of mine pointed out, Google’s business model is about gathering information on you, profiling essentially, in order to build an accurate marketing model. Knowing this, would you still use the Google Chrome OS?

via The Official Google Blog


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  1. I so called this… not that I’m the only one or anything…

    You can already, using your web browser, check your email, surf the net, write word and spreadsheet docs, watch videos, check maps, and any other Google stuff. It was only a matter of time before Google stuck Chrome on a lightweight linux install and began selling cloud-computing to the masses. Add G-Drive and perhaps a small (say, 32 GB) SSD for a local cache of media and off-line files, and the average computer user can live their entire computing life on-line, in a shiny, Google-branded cloud.

    Comment by radium226 | July 8, 2009

  2. I think this is pretty brilliant. While Adobe and Microsoft are focused on bringing the web to the desktop through platforms like AIR, Google could essentially make the browser the OS. No added effort on the part of web developers: the day Google’s OS ships, there’ll already be millions of free apps available.

    Given Google’s record, they can make an experience compelling enough that people won’t mind being profiled. And the average person won’t even know it’s happening, like they don’t know McDonalds is bad for you, the planet is getting warmer, and advertising brainwashes. 🙂

    Comment by emilio | July 10, 2009

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