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Kindle Sheet Music


I’ve been seriously lusting after the Kindle DX as soon as it was announced mainly for use as a reference tool. The shelves of programming reference books (Python, Java, Oracle, etc.) lends itself well to the small, light form-factor and the search capabilities of the Kindle DX. Being able to load PDFs natively onto the DX opened another door of possibility for me in terms of sheet music. I have tons of scanned music in PDF form I’ve collected over the years that could conceivably be loaded onto the Kindle. No more death warrants for trees whenever I have a wedding gig, right?

Apparently is telepathically linked to my brain. There is now a Kindle Sheet Music store at The Kindle DX is now one-step away from being a no-brainer purchase. My fate will be sealed when urtext editions of my favorite composers’ works are available.

There’s a short video review at The reviewer downloaded some music to his Kindle 2 (not a DX):

The sheet music will obviously be better suited to the Kindle DX (all copies of Sheet Music have an Optimized for Kindle DX tag).

Thanks for the tip, Angelo!


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    Comment by Bernie | July 11, 2009

  2. Can you tell me whether songs can be arranged by sets, so that I can use the same song in different sets? For example I might want to use “Yesterday” in a set of Beatles songs and again in a set of songs in C major.

    Comment by Phil | January 22, 2010

  3. As far as I can tell from playing with my friend’s Kindle DX there’s no user-created organization system. That could be remedied by firmware, though, if Amazon so chooses. Also, Amazon released a software dev kit so users can create their own software for the Kindle. That should be pretty interesting.

    Comment by Mike | January 22, 2010

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