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Microscopic Sculptures


The ship on the left is a hand-crafted sculpture by Willard Wigan. The thread and needle on the right is for scale comparison.

I echo Darren’s sentiment of: Whoa.

"You have to control the whole nervous system, you have to work between the heartbeat – the pulse of your finger can destroy the work." Wigan uses a tiny surgical blade to carve microscopic figures out of rice, and fragments of grains of sand and sugar, which are then mounted on pinheads. To paint his creations, he uses a hair plucked from a dead fly (the fly has to have died from natural causes, as he refuses to kill them for the sake of his art). His sculptures have included a Santa Claus and a copy of the FIFA World Cup trophy, both about 0.005mm tall, and a boxing ring with Muhammad Ali figure which fits onto the head of a match.”

Nice find, Darren!

via Amazing-Planet


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