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App Store Expense Monitor

App Store Expense Monitor

All those $0.99 apps in the iTunes App Store make impulse purchases irresistible. It’s easy to rationalize (hey, gum is more expensive), and therefore, very dangerous.

The App Store Expense Monitor is a handy, free app that scans your mobile application directory and looks up the prices of all the apps you’ve purchased. Granted, it looks up the current prices, so anything you might’ve gotten free or for sale won’t reflect such. You can edit the prices if you want, though.

Even with the inflated total, I still can’t believe how much I’ve spent on apps.

via Wetfish via Lifehacker


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In-N-Out’s Secret Menu

In-N-Out's Secret Menu

By now, you’ve already heard people ordering items such as a Double-Double Animal Style at In-N-Out. Have you ever wondered what else is on the secret menu?

Badmouth compiled the most comprehensive list of secret menu items I’ve seen.

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Still Tasty

Still Tasty? Let's find out...

As Chris says, this website is “ridiculously useful.” If you’ve ever wondered how long that loaf of sourdough bread in the refrigerator will remain unspoiled or if that apple in the fruit basket is still in its prime, Still Tasty is the website for you.

The interface is simple. Simply type the food your are wondering about in the search bar or browse via category. There’s a Still Tasty iPhone app for $1.99 if that suits your fancy.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

via Still Tasty

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Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports


With the ubiquity of USB-powered devices in the world today, this power outlet makes perfect sense.

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Shopping for a Mac?


If you’re shopping for a Mac, AppleInsider has a very handy price matrix that compares the prices of current generation Macs across multiple sites.

Equally handy is the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide. This website tracks product releases and recommends whether or not it’s a good time to make a purchase based on an impending new release or update.

That covers when and where to buy–can’t help you with how to buy it, though. 🙂

via AppleInsider via Gizmodo

via MacRumors

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Know Your Supernatural Collective Nouns


Now I’ll be grammatically correct when I scream that I’m being attacked by a liberty of mummies or a devilry of gremlins.


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