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Two Reasons for Me (Not You) To Get an iPad

Prior to marriage and children, I was an undisciplined gadget guy. I thought nothing of investing in bleeding-edge technology or the latest shiny thing. Now that I’m married with two kids, I’m a somewhat disciplined gadget guy. I have to come up with actual reasons to buy something.

Of course I’m excited about Apple’s iPad. In particular, here are two reasons for me to get an iPad (and I almost have my wife sold on these reasons):

1) Sheet Music – My wife and I are both musicians. We usually end up dragging (literally) a trunk of music books to parties. Having everything in a single device excites me. Observe this video and ponder the possibilities:

2) Interactive Books – My son adores the educational apps I bought for him on my iPhone. The iPad is a natural evolution of that. After reading Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age, the thought of having an interactive book for my kids to read amounts to nothing less than liquid awesome:

Of course, there are cons to consolidating these items into an electronic device. First off, when the battery runs down, its purpose ceases. Secondly, our wonderful airlines will no doubt classify the iPad as a terrorist, plane-crashing electronic device that must be shut-off during take off and landing–the traumatic book-ends to flying the friendly skies, and ironically, the time when you probably want to be most distracted.

Are we going to get an iPad? Not right now. The price is high and I’ve been burned too many times by 1st-gen releases. I’m watching, though… and waiting for my moment. When that moment comes, the heavens shall open and angels will be singing (reading their sheet music from their own iPads).


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  1. For sheet music the iPad is a great devices.
    Today this application was launched:

    Comment by Marco | April 22, 2010

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