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The Political Compass

With the complexity of today’s economic and social issues, I agree with website The Political Compass that a simple one-dimensional scale (i.e. left vs. right) is an inadequate descriptor of my socio-economic philosophy. To me, it’s not as simple as declaring myself as a “Democrat” or a “Republican”. Like college laundry, there’s not just “clean” and “dirty”, but rather, many fine levels and classifications in-between.

The Political Compass attempts to tackle this complexity by adding a 2nd dimension: Authoritarian (Facism) vs. Libertarian (Anarchism). I’d love to post where famous leaders fall on the above graphic, but it’s more fun if you take the (short) quiz on their website to find out where you stand first. There’s no spin here. They won’t ask you for any personal information.

After you complete the quiz, the site will show where you fall on the scale and also where other world figures fall. I found it completely enlightening and reaffirming of my personal beliefs and convictions. I also found myself in respectable company. 🙂

Enough babble. Take the quiz and share your thoughts on this scale! No need to post your results.

Thanks for the link, Brian!

UPDATE: When you finish the test, check out where the U.S. Senate (as of 2008) lands on this scale. 🙂

via The Political Compass


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