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The Concert @ Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Concer @ Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum holds classical music concerts weekly and makes them available on their website for download. You can also subscribe to their concert podcast.

I’m currently being blown away by some amazing music right now by composers that I’ve never heard of. Tonight’s performance, Episode 94, isn’t posted on the archives page yet. I’ll be sure to update this post when it does. If you want to hear kick-ass harp and violin, definitely check it out.

I love the descriptions given at the beginning of each concert. They give insight into the music I’m about to listen to. Apparently I can’t copy and paste the episode description out of iTunes. Lame. Here’s a screenshot:

The Concert - Episode 94

The Concert @ Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


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MetaX – Video File Meta Data Tagging


I started a project not long ago to convert my physical DVD library into a digital movie library. One of the things I used to obsess over is entering every bit of meta data for each video file. Now with two kids, I slowly fell off that bandwagon.

Until now.

Luckily there are both Windows and Mac OS X versions of the software.

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The iPhone 12GV

The iPhone 12GV (

Foxtrot nails it again.

This reminds me of the awesome Palm IX.

The Palm IX (

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