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Musical Performance in the Information Age

When I think of the intersection between music and the internet, two projects immediately come to mind that succinctly represent that coupling. Here are their introductions followed by sample performances:

The Introductions

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra

YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011: Play Your Part

YouTube was leveraged as a tool for auditions for this project. What I find neat about it is the accessibility that it allowed. Non-professional musicians from all over the world, who normally would never pursue anything this grand, were able to audition out of the comfort of their own home. After, what I imagine, was a lengthy discernment process, the lucky chosen performed in a concert in the Sydney Opera House (which of course, was live-streamed on the internet).


Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

Introduction to the Virtual Choir

Eric Whitacre took this idea a step further and actually pieced together all of the audition videos to make a virtual choir. I can only imagine the thousands of hours of work that went into the mixing of this.

The Performances

What are the final products of such colossal endeavors? Here are two samples:

YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011–The Firebird–Stravinsky


Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir–Lux Aurumque

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