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Steve Jobs Resigned From Apple

It finally happened.

Considering that Apple is a company that feeds off of the singular vision of its CEO, I’m very curious to see what the new CEO, Tim Cook, has in store.

Thanks for the head’s up, Tom!


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Need Advice? Ask Darth Vader.


This is way better than fortune cookie fortunes.

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Radical Sharing (of Caffiene!)


Jonathan Stark is sharing his Starbucks card with the internet. What a nice guy!

Why, you ask?

Hi! I’m Jonathan Stark. You can download this picture of my Starbucks card to your phone and buy coffee at Starbucks with it. Seriously. My card gets charged, you don’t. Details are here.

If you’re feeling generous, you can also add money to my Starbucks card by doing this and enjoy some serious good karma.

Jonathan’s Card is an experiment in social sharing of physical goods using digital currency on mobile phones. I stumbled on the idea while doing research related to my work with Mobiquity related to Broadcasting Mobile Currency.

Based on the similarity to the "take a penny, leave a penny" trays at convenience stores in the US, I’ve adopted a similar "get a coffee, give a coffee" terminology for Jonathan’s Card.

As it turns out, this is actually a new take on a wonderful old italian custom called Caffe Pagato, which translates to English as "Coffee Paid". Thanks to Francesco Pierfederici for alerting me to this article: Italian Lifestyle: the "caffe’ pagato" (paid coffee) Custom

For the record, Jonathan’s Card, Jonathan Stark (me), this site, or anything else I’ve ever said or done is totally not affiliated with Starbucks. Regardless of the fact that I should be paying rent in this particular location.

I’m sure he’s getting a ton of those free-drink-every-15-drinks vouchers. Smile

Thanks for the link, Bernard!

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UPDATE (8/12/2011): The card was hacked and $625 was stolen! The hacker claims that the money will go to charity.

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The Physics of Culture

TED Talk–Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

I’m sure that many of you are aware that companies such as Netflix and Amazon run software that tries to predict what movies you like or what your next purchase should be. You may even joke about it or laugh at the suggestions that are proposed. What it comes down to, though, is that there are software algorithms out there trying to describe you. This software is trying to figure out a deterministic formula for you.

Think about that.

Kevin Slavin says:

This isn’t Google. This isn’t information. These aren’t financial stats. This is culture. And what you see here, or what you don’t really see, normally, is that these are the physics of culture. If these algorithms, like the algorithms on Wall Street, crashed one day and went awry, how would we know? What would it look like?

Kevin explains in this wonderful TED Talk how we are writing algorithms that we no longer understand and are unable to predict. In essence, we’ve created another “force of nature".

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