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Guide to better napping

How to take a nap

The Boston Globe has published a how-to guide for those of us that have forgotten how to take a nap. I saw this over at the 43folders blog and realized that sleep is a popular topic this week. Are any of you out there in the habit of taking naps?


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Python code swarm

I know there are several of you out there actively using Python. I recently came across this video, which visualizes the activity on the Python codebase over time. It looks like it has been a very long road for Guido van Rossum (started solo in 1991). If you watch the video to the end, you’ll see where he’s hired by Google and the language development really takes off

code_swarm – Python from Michael Ogawa on Vimeo.

The video was created by a UC Davis research group.

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Google sketchup resources

I just came across a whole slew of resources for Google Sketchup.  Apparently, the author of the Sketchup for Dummies book created instructional videos on YouTube.  So not many of us will own up to reading a “for dummies” book, but you can watch the demonstrations on the internet.

As an example, how to make a component to make windows/doors:

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What’s wrong with this video?

I’m sure there are many answers to that question, but not cheating by searching for the answers. There is something strange about the following video…

I’ll update the post to give my answer once everyone has had a chance to throw in their 2 cents.


Well, there’s nothing “wrong” with the video per say.  It is a video from the game Call of Duty.  What got me is that the video actually fooled some people into thinking it was the real thing.  The first tip off to me when I watched it was that the audio of the mission commander kept using the same words exactly the same way.

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Another tech-bubble?

For those of us hoping to ride another wave of cash thrown to the winds of technology…

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GrandCentral: one phone number to rule them all?

I first stumbled across GrandCentral earlier this week on lifehacker’s top 10 Google products you forgot about. Now lifehacker has published a screenshot tour of the site.

It looks like GrandCentral offers all sorts cool features.  They give you a single phone number to give out that you can route to your actual phone lines in several interesting ways.  For example, you can have GrandCentral ring all of your phones when your mom calls.  Or, you could send telemarketers directly to your voice mail.  Better yet, you can give your spam calls the “this number is no longer in service” message!

Unfortunatly, they are currently in a closed beta mode and there is no information about how much their service will cost.

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inbox zero

For all you interested in GTD or personal productivity, I recently came across Merlin Mann‘s Inbox Zero talk at Google.

So how many of you have email you’ve read floating around, waiting for you to take action on? I certainly could use a healthy dose of email optimization.

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Halo 3 “Believe”

 I just came accross the ad campaign for Halo 3.  In the push up to the release, they have launched the “Believe” advertisements.  The ads are unlike any I’ve seen for a video game.

It looks like they built detailed 3D models of the battle and then filmed it for the comercial.  The level of detail in some of the shots is amazing.  The “Believe” website lets you explore the battleground in further detail.  I’ve come across these two other videos that extend from the first one.

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The cost of tuition on the rise…

In other news, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo president Warren Baker just received a raise. His annual salary just went from the all too low amount of $298,000 to $328,000. Poor guy.

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A little Guns n Roses

I bet you’ve never heard them like this. Be sure to listen to the second solo.

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