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Devil’s Pool @ Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This is number one on my “Bucket List”.


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Fireworks at AT&T Park

Photographing Fireworks is a lot harder than you think. Out of a total 160 images taken these 14 came out decent.

All taken with a tripod, wired remote and with these settings.

Exposure: 4 sec

Aperture: f/16

ISO Speed: 100

Thanks for the tips Mike.

Want more? Check out this flickr group “FIREWORKS”

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The front runner to win this years Darwin Award

Not sure if this is real or some joke.

I’m voting for “Real”

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Olympic Torch Relay rerouted

from MSNBC

“The last-minute changes were made amid security concerns following chaotic protests over the torch in Paris and London.

In San Francisco, as the heavily-guarded torchbearers made their way through the city’s streets on a chaotic journey, there was scuffling between police and protesters, but order was restored quickly.

Mayor Gavin Newsom told The Associated Press that the well choreographed fake-out was prompted by the size and behavior of the crowds amassing outside AT&T Park, site of the relay’s opening ceremony.

There was “a disproportionate concentration of people in and around the start of the relay,” he said in a phone interview, while traveling in a caravan that accompanied the torch.

Less than an hour before the relay began, officials cut the original six-mile route nearly in half.”

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Fun with Leopard’s Terminal

I’m a NOOB so stop me if you’ve seen this before.

Found this little Terminal Line while Youtube-ing today.

It puts a “Recent Whatever Stack” in your dock.

Now isn’t that COOL!!!

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Macbook Running a little hot? Try smcFanControl

While running HandBrake the other day, I noticed that the keyboard on my MacBook was getting a little hot. Especially around the Function Keys. My previous Dell, which I dubbed “The Frying Pan”, always ran hot but it never felt this hot.

So I did some Google-ing and found this Menu Bar App called smcFanControl

Yet another step towards voiding the warranty on my MacBook Pro.

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Taking GIMP and Running with it

Here are my first few of photos post processed with GIMP

(Click on the image to view the original capture)

All I did was Crop, adjusted Levels, Sharpened and bumped up the color saturation. So far I’m very impressed by the functionality of this FREE app. I guess I can hold off on buying Photoshop CS3 for a while

Next stop, Portraits.

If you want to see more GIMP images, there is a GIMP Users group on Flickr. And while you’re there check out the discussions, an excellent resource for GIMP Tips.

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Olympic Torch Relay comes to the SF Bay Area

The Olympic Torch makes its only stop in North America and with it comes 1000 protesters.


Judging by recent events in Turkey, this could get ugly real quick.


This does not bode well for the Olympic Torch in San Francisco

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I got “Rickrolled” on YouTube

What the hell is going on here!!!

Every “Featured Video” on the home page direct you to this video.

You’ve just been “Rickrolled


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GNU Image Manipulation Program or “GIMP”

This just in… Hell freezes over.

Film at 11

If you guys have not figured it out yet, I am a new Mac User. A few snags here and there; “Wait a minute, no Right Click!” and “Plug & Play my ass, my printer is not working!” but so far it has been a good learning experience.

I’ve pretty much found all my Windows equivalent apps except for one, Adobe Photoshop CS3. Yikes!!! $649.95

So for the past couple of days I’ve been searching around for a CS3 alternative. Then I remembered about two years ago, Mike introduced me to an interesting little app called GIMP running on Ubuntu.

Well I found the OS X version and installed it today.


I have not found the finer points but apparently this little FREE app has some meat to it.

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