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iPhone Quick-Draw System

Best promotional video ever. EVER.


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Mobile Mouse Pro


This remote/trackpad app is by far one of the handiest bits of iOS software I’ve experienced thus far. The particular situation I experience that makes this app such a great fit is when I hook up my Macbook Pro to my wall-mounted plasma to play Hulu or some other web-based media. It’s a situation that isn’t hardy enough to warrant busting out the wireless keyboard and mouse, so being able to use my iPhone in that fashion rocks!

The app is only $1.99, which I think is completely worth it for the functionality that it offers. The server software also runs on Windows as well as Mac OS X.

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The iPhone 12GV

The iPhone 12GV (

Foxtrot nails it again.

This reminds me of the awesome Palm IX.

The Palm IX (

via Fox Trot


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iReal Book

iReal Book

The famous “Real Book“, a cheat sheet of chord progressions for 800+ jazz standards, has made its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch. On top of organizing by style and composer, you can transpose the entire song with a couple of key-presses. Awesome. Consolidating sheet music and references such as these into a portable device has always been a dream for me.

It’s totally worth the $7.99 I paid for it.

Here’s the website.

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App Store Expense Monitor

App Store Expense Monitor

All those $0.99 apps in the iTunes App Store make impulse purchases irresistible. It’s easy to rationalize (hey, gum is more expensive), and therefore, very dangerous.

The App Store Expense Monitor is a handy, free app that scans your mobile application directory and looks up the prices of all the apps you’ve purchased. Granted, it looks up the current prices, so anything you might’ve gotten free or for sale won’t reflect such. You can edit the prices if you want, though.

Even with the inflated total, I still can’t believe how much I’ve spent on apps.

via Wetfish via Lifehacker

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Still Tasty

Still Tasty? Let's find out...

As Chris says, this website is “ridiculously useful.” If you’ve ever wondered how long that loaf of sourdough bread in the refrigerator will remain unspoiled or if that apple in the fruit basket is still in its prime, Still Tasty is the website for you.

The interface is simple. Simply type the food your are wondering about in the search bar or browse via category. There’s a Still Tasty iPhone app for $1.99 if that suits your fancy.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

via Still Tasty

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Distractions of the Digital Persuasion


Whoa, Nelly! An entire month passed without a new post to MCOJ? My apologies!

What better excuse than a post on digital distractions. 🙂

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Enhanced Reality Apps for iPhone 3GS


This is a rough beginning, but it’s a beginning nonetheless. Can you imagine the possibilities? Can anyone say, “Urban Pac Man”?

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iPhone OS 3.0 Update

Audiobook Upgrade

I’ve successfully updated my family’s respective iPhones to version 3.0 of the firmware. No horror stories to share from me, though I am a tad bit annoyed by the extra page of applications that was inserted to make room for the new Voice Memo app. Instead of just pushing the applications over by one to make room, the update inserted a blank page and pushed one application onto it. Bleh.

There are plenty of articles on the interwebs describing the hottest features in the 3.0 update (like auto-authentication at any AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot), but one upgrade that I didn’t see written about was how the iPod app handles audiobooks. There are two new buttons: one that rewinds you back 30 seconds, and one that increases the playback speed. I love this.

How did the update go for you?

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iPhone Attention Deficit Disorder

The new iPhone 3GS has an upgraded camera (along with many other features) that make photo/gadget geeks like me very excited. Just be aware of your surroundings. 🙂

via Strobist

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