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It’s a downright depressing day when The Onion goes from being a satirical news site to an actual source of truth. Here is a video by The Onion, posted in 2011, depicting a rapist as the real victim just because he’s a sports star with a promising career:

And here is a video showing CNN’s coverage of the Steubenville rape trial:

I got the original comparison from Thought Catalog. Eerie, no? What’s even sadder is some of the response to the verdict. This breaks my head. A girl was raped while she was intoxicated. Naked pictures of her were posted on the internet. How is she “deserving” of this? How is anyone deserving of this?

I think there are many variables that led to this moment: poor parenting (and/or absentee parents),  lack of education, a general acceptance of misogyny (by both men and women), glorification and worship of athletes, permissive adults, etc. I don’t think there is a single solution that will fix everything. The best I can do is to teach my own children to do the right thing.

Thanks for the links Angelo!

Sources: Thought Catalog, Public Shaming


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Sync Google Calendar Colors and iOS


(image courtesy of Lifehacker)

FINALLY, a solution to an annoying problem that has plagued me ever since Google Mobile Sync was born is here: Calendar color synchronization between Google Calendars and my iPhone’s calendar. My OCD itched so badly that I would end up changing my Google Calendar colors to match the seemingly random vomit that my iPhone’s calendar would choose.

In a nutshell, don’t use Google Mobile Sync for your calendar. Use CalDAV instead.

Out of the nutshell:

  1. On your iOS device: Go to Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Under Accounts: Select your Google Mobile Sync account (mine was creatively named “Google”)
  3. Switch your “Calendars” to the “OFF” position. It will prompt you to make sure you aren’t smoking crack, but since you *are* smoking crack… the healthy, vegan kind… go for it.
  4. Click on “Add Account…”
  5. Select Other.
  6. Select Add CalDAV Account.
  7. Enter your account information:
    1. In the Server field, enter [ ]
    2. In the Username field, enter your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.
    3. In the Password field, enter your Google Account or Google Apps password.
    4. In the Description field, enter the name you’d like to appear on the account (I named mine “Google Calendars”… creative, I know)
  8. Select Next at the top of your screen.
  9. Go to (on any browser) and select the calendars you want to sync. Alternatively, Google Apps users can go to (of course, replace “your_domain” with your… uh… domain).
  10. Click Save

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. Enjoy!

via Lifehacker

via Google Mobile Help (CalDAV instructions)

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Vigilante Justice

Thousands shall die once Mel thinks the issue is "personal"

I was reading a book (Night Watch by Terry Pratchett) Which contained the quote, “But personal isn’t the same thing as important.” Which got me wondering, should importance be impacted by how personal the issue is? Perhaps you’re wondering how this relates to our good friend Mel.

Almost every movie with Mel Gibson contains some sort of “It’s personal” rational¹. in his movies this line of thought is portrayed as heroic and almost morally required. Now the Pratchett quote in context is rejecting vigilante justice. In the quoted context personal justice against an individual who murdered a man’s lover, whereas William Wallace was slightly different he went against an army, that is to say, a lot of individuals (who weren’t the ones who executed his wife) versus a single individual in Night Watch. I’m wondering if this is an issue of scale or something more… fundamental.

The purpose of government/religious arbitration was to proclaim consequences instead of personal justice because, and this is important, some people have a tendency to weight what personally affects them too heavily² or follow the I don’t get even, I get ahead³ mantra. If appropriately limited and viewed properly (two substantially big if’s depending) vigilante justice should be no more or less just than government issued judiciary justice under the same constraints.

Though after my recent “didn’t turn right in a right hand turn only lane” ticket of $240 +an additional $85 and a day in traffic school if I don’t want insurance costs to increase or my coworker’s recent seat-belt ticked of $140, I’m thinking the government might have lost sight of the limitations originally put into place to prevent excessive punishment for the wrongdoing committed things like, you shouldn’t harm others more than you were actually harmed a.k.a. “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”.

Notes (examples):
¹ William Wallace kicks it into high gear after the some solders attempted to rape his wife and her subsequent execution due to his intervention of said rape.
² My eye is worth two of yours, because I use mine to see.Your eyes are of less value because I don’t use yours at all.
³ Example: Fool me out of $20 and I shall fool you out of $100.

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SWAT Abuse

I generally try to keep subject matter here on MCOJ relatively light, but after seeing the above video, I am compelled to post and propagate.

From BoingBoing:

Radly Balko of Reason posted this video of a SWAT raid on a family in Missouri. The officers found a small amount of cannabis, and so they arrested the parents on a charge of child endangerment, naturally.

“It’s horrifying, but I’d urge you to watch it, and to send it to the drug warriors in your life. This is the blunt-end result of all the war imagery and militaristic rhetoric politicians have been spewing for the last 30 years — cops dressed like soldiers, barreling through the front door middle of the night, slaughtering the family pets, filling the house with bullets in the presence of children, then having the audacity to charge the parents with endangering their own kid. There are 100-150 of these raids every day in America, the vast, vast majority like this one, to serve a warrant for a consensual crime.”

After forwarding the above video to a friend, he pointed me to the equally horrifying account of Cheye Calvo, the Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland. In 2008, a SWAT team smashed into his home, shot his two dogs and terrorized his family with no warrant in hand. He was quickly exonerated of any wrong-doing, but no apology was given for the mistake.

Cheye Calvo spoke at the Cato Institute on September 11, 2008 and recounted his experience. You can view a snippet of the talk here.

The implications of this are horrifying to me. The idea of 8 to 12 officers in full armor with high-caliber firearms breaking into my house, shooting my cats (because they are major threats to fully-armored SWAT officers, naturally) and terrorizing/traumatizing my family on the basis of suspicion of trafficking a non-narcotic is straight out of a dystopic movie.

I’m sure I’d be within my rights as a citizen of the United States of America (land of the free, etc.) to defend my home from invaders. Sadly, though, I doubt that I, in my pajamas and armed with my eskrima sticks, would fare well against 8 to 12 fully-armed officers.

via BoingBoing

via CATO Institute

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School Spied on Student Using Webcam










This blatant privacy violation is disgusting to me.

The idea that a school district would not only spy on its students’ clickstreams and emails (bad enough), but also use these machines as AV bugs is purely horrifying.

via BoingBoing

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Snag Your Pre-Owned iPhone Apps Before Updating to 3.0

I’m generally excited about the impending iPhone 3.0 firmware update, but I’m not excited about the removal of one of my favorite features: the ability to re-download any previously purchased application.

Because of the relatively cheap (or free) price tag of iPhone apps, I’ve fallen into that demographic of playing with an app for a day or two and then tossing it if it isn’t useful or entertaining enough to keep around.  The ability to grab these apps again at no cost from the iTunes Store makes “house-cleaning” a no-brainer for me—I can keep my “Applications” area in iTunes lean, clean and mean (since it does slow down noticeably when you have hundreds of apps).

If Apple does decide to clamp down on this functionality, I’ll probably give-in to my packrat-ish ways and keep every (paid) app I download around “just in case.”  Maybe I should copy them to 3.5” floppies just in case.

via The iPhone Blog via Lifehacker

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Eye of the Tiger

Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” as performed by the PS22 Chorus.

Nice find, Bernard!


It makes me angry that the powers that be in our Local, State & US Government want to cut music from the class rooms. Very sad that music teachers like this are slowly being phased out just to make ends meet.

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Chicken a la Carte

Films  Chicken A La Carte By Ferdinand Dimadura

Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

via Culture Unplugged

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The New Way of the Samurai?

I’m amazed by this swordsman’s skill, but I’m saddened that the term “samurai” is being redefined by popular japanese culture as just being skillful with a sword.

via Gizmodo

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No Google Love for Designers

If you are passionate about good (aesthetic) design, Google is probably not the place for you.

The only company that readily comes to mind that has a true design philosophy from the top all the way down is Apple. Imagine if more companies integrated that level of commitment. What I find most interesting is how commonplace it is for engineers to make design decisions. I’m not knocking on the utility and soundness of solid feature implementation–I’m just saying that design aesthetics are very subjective and most likely not very intuitive for analytically minded people.

Nice find, Emilio!

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