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Star Wars Symphonic Suite on a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ

What a *great* idea.


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Brian Williams – Rapper’s Delight

BRILLIANT editing.

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Transparent Aluminum

Okay, Star Trek fans–remember this scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)?

It turns out that a transparent aluminum ceramic actually exists. It is aluminum oxynitride and is currently being marketed as ALON by Surmet.

From the following demonstration, it seems to live up to the hype.


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Anthill Art

Ant problem? Why not pour molten aluminum into it and turn it into art?


Thanks for the link, Rochelle!

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Awesome Flight Safety Videos

I really love how much production goes into flight safety videos nowadays.


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Tom and Jerry Music Performed Live

I’ve never seen a percussion section have this much fun before. The last two minutes are crazy.

via Cartoon Brew

Thanks for the link, Tim!

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It’s a downright depressing day when The Onion goes from being a satirical news site to an actual source of truth. Here is a video by The Onion, posted in 2011, depicting a rapist as the real victim just because he’s a sports star with a promising career:

And here is a video showing CNN’s coverage of the Steubenville rape trial:

I got the original comparison from Thought Catalog. Eerie, no? What’s even sadder is some of the response to the verdict. This breaks my head. A girl was raped while she was intoxicated. Naked pictures of her were posted on the internet. How is she “deserving” of this? How is anyone deserving of this?

I think there are many variables that led to this moment: poor parenting (and/or absentee parents),  lack of education, a general acceptance of misogyny (by both men and women), glorification and worship of athletes, permissive adults, etc. I don’t think there is a single solution that will fix everything. The best I can do is to teach my own children to do the right thing.

Thanks for the links Angelo!

Sources: Thought Catalog, Public Shaming

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Bullied–To This Day Project

To This Day Project–Shane Koyczan


  • At 1:20, he reminds us all what we heard growing up.
  • At 2:07, we meet another girl who was bruised by words.
  • At 2:57, we learn why she’s awesome.
  • At 3:12, we meet a kid who was pummeled by pills.
  • At 4:28, we learn how many kids have to deal with this to this day.
  • At 5:23, if you’ve been bullied, you REALLY need to hear these words.
  • At 6:00, seriously, listen to these damn beautiful words.
  • And at 6:49, we get to the point that everyone should take to heart.

Help confront bullying by sharing this using the buttons below. It needs to be called out in spectacular fashion.

via (Thanks for the link, Rochelle!)

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Ultra Ever Dry

Ultra Ever Dry

I won’t even bother trying to explain how wondrous this “nano-tech coating” is. Just watch the video.

I can’t vouch for the validity of this product, but it’s fun to think up of uses for it. What would YOU use this on?

via NPR

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Large Scale Acapella

I know this isn’t new and that it’s just a publicity stunt by T-Mobile, but I just love well-executed acapella performances. What makes this stand out is the sheer scale of this operation. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the video above, and if you’re curious about what went into the making of this, check out the video below. Enjoy!

Bonus: If you’re a fan of the Swingle Singers, apparently the entire group participated in this.

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