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iPhone Quick-Draw System

Best promotional video ever. EVER.


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RED HANDS–Walk off the Earth

RED HANDS by Walk off the Earth (Finished Video)

I’m not usually into music videos, but I have to admit that I’m very impressed by the directing and editing of RED HANDS by Walk off the Earth.

Actually, it’s the editing that really shines about this. For perspective, check out the unedited video below.

RED HANDS by Walk off the Earth (Unedited Video)

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An Unexpected Briefing

An Unexpected Briefing [Air New Zealand]

Air New Zealand hired the special effects crew that worked on The Lord of the Rings trilogy to “punch up” their air safety videos.

They have succeeded.

Thanks for the link, Dan!


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Journey Around the World in 23 Years

Gunther Holtorf

Not many people can say they’ve traveled around the world. I daresay only Gunther Holtorf can claim to have traveled around the world in this fashion:

In 1989, Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine climbed aboard their 1988 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen to travel from Germany to Africa, where they planned to complete a once-in-a-lifetime road trip that would last 18-months.

Except the trip didn’t last 18-months, it has lasted 23 years, spanned more than 200 countries and the G-Wagen now has 800,000 kilometers, or 500,000 miles, on its odometer. That’s the equivalent of 20 times around the equator.

The trio have visited everywhere from Alaska to Zimbabwe by way of North Korea, the Sahara desert, Mount Everest and Siberia in an effort to drive around the globe. Sadly, Gunther’s wife Christine passed away in 2010, but he has continued to travel the world, as per her wishes.

This is certainly a Mercedes Benz commercial waiting to happen.

Thanks for the link, Joe!

via DigitalTrends

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Written By A Kid

“Scary Smash” featuring Dave Foley, Joss Whedon & Kate Micucci

Web content entrepreneur and overall heroine, Felicia Day, has created a hilariously brilliant show called Written By A Kid. In this inaugural episode, 5-year-old Brett tells the gripping tale Scary Smash. It is acted out with panache by Dave Foley, Joss Whedon & Kate Micucci.

I need to get my son on this show.

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History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics

26 songs, 47 years, No Lyrics

I’m a brand new fan of

And a bonus…

No Steinways were harmed in the filming of this.

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Star Wars Main Title Theme (Vocal Cover)

Star Wars Main Title Theme (Vocal Cover)


Thanks for the link, Tim!

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Walk off the Earth

Okay, I’m hooked on this group’s sound, skill and hijinks.

“Little Boxes”
“Somebody That I Used to Know”
“From Me To You” (Beatles)

Thanks for sharing this, Darren!

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30-story Hotel Assembled in Two Weeks

30-story Hotel Assembled in Two Weeks

To say this is an incredible feat of engineering approaches understatement. I purposefully used the term “assembled” in the title since the parts of the hotel are prefabricated elsewhere. I’m sure that the prefabrication process will add a significant amount to the total time required for this 30-story hotel to come into existence.

Still, though, imagine living in that area, going on vacation for a few weeks and then returning home to see a 30-story hotel.

via Los Angeles Times

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I Want To Live!

Project KARA (tech demo from Quantic Dream)

Though this is only a tech demo showing the “emotive capabilities” of a game engine on the PS3, it is an amazingly succinct and poignant narrative on the birth of self-awareness within a “newborn” android.

I also thought that embracing the “uncanny valley” within this context was a smart move. Since the featured character is an android, our expectations are lower for lifelike emotion—we are pleasantly surprised and in awe when we do see emotion. That subtlety drives the power behind this short film.

Enough of my chatter. Watch this film!

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