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EPUB to MOBI Conversion [Left Margin Problem]

For the small subset of people in the world who experience the “left margin issue” above when converting from EPUB format to MOBI format, here is a solution that works for me:

  1. Install Calibre and Sigil.
  2. Import your EPUB into Calibre.
  3. Convert the EPUB to EPUB. This normalizes the CSS stylesheet for the book. Under “Page Setup” set the left margin to 0.
  4. Open the new EPUB in Sigil.
  5. Open Stylesheet.css (or stylesheet1.css) (located under the “Styles” folder in the Book Browser on the left.
  6. Do a search for anything that says “margin-left” (or “margin-right”).
  7. If the value is anything other than “0”, change it to 0. E.g. “5pt” –> “0pt” or “1em” –> “0em” You will find multiple instances of this within the stylesheet.
  8. Save the EPUB and exit Sigil.
  9. Open Calibre and convert the EPUB to MOBI. Under “Page Setup” set the left margin to 0.

That should do it. It’s cumbersome, yes, but it gets the job done.

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Amazon Hot! Stuff [Firefox Extension]













I’m already an Amazon fanboy, but now this Firefox extension takes my fanboy-ism to epically lazy proportions!

via Firefox Add-ons via Lifehacker

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The Day The Dancers Stayed

The Day the Dancers Stayed

One of my photos was used for the cover of a book that will be released in the Fall: The Day The Dancers Stayed – Performing in the Filipino/American Diaspora.

Okay, the shameless plug is over.

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Kindle App for iPhone

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Amazon just released their aptly named “Kindle for iPhone” app (iTunes link) for the… uh… iPhone. It’s free, and it syncs books and bookmarks between your iPhone and your Kindle (if you have one).

I’m pretty excited about building up a library of reference books, though. 🙂 I took some screenshots of me grabbing a sample:
Img 0001-2

Img 0002-3
I’m using the smallest font setting for the screenshot above. You can adjust font size and bookmark and all that jazz. Pretty nifty!

UPDATE: There’s no search functionality in this app. Boo!

via Engadget and Gizmodo

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Kindle XKCD

 Comics Kindle
Anybody own a Kindle or planning to get one?

via XKCD

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Raul Midon – A World Within A World

Via AmazonMp3


The same DRM free album on iTunes is $1 more. Also, if you purchase by the song, iTunes cost $.30 more


Apple better take notice…

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