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Fly or Drive?


When planning a trip or vacation for my family, two variables are king: time and cost. Do I want to subject a bunch of airline passengers to my squirmy, loquacious children for a few hours, or do I want to subject myself to my squirmy, loquacious and now cranky children for many many hours? How much will it cost?

Luckily, there’s a handy site that will calculate trip time and cost for driving and flying to/from your destination. In the example above, it makes sense to drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, but it would definitely be cheaper to fly to, let’s say, Chicago from Los Angeles rather than drive. Handy!

via via Lifehacker


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Solid State Laptop Drives coming to the Mobile Gaming Masses

Dell and HP are now offering Solid State Hard Drives on their custom laptops.

Alienware is joining the mix boasting a 128GB (64GB x 2) option on their Area51 m9750 Gaming Laptop

Is it better, though?

Here is Tom’s Hardware’s take on the subject.

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