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Flickr Calendar

I discovered via today’s Flickr blog post that you can access your Flickr photos via a yearly calendar. Here’s a link for you Flickr users out there:

In the URI, you can replace “me” with another username if you want to see their public photos. Of course, you can change “2013” to any year as well.

Looking at my own photo history, 2013 is the most consistent I’ve ever been in photo taking. Below is a comparison of 2012 vs. 2013 for me.

2012 Flickr Calendar

2012 Flickr Calendar

2013 Flickr Calendar

2013 Flickr Calendar


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Photo Grabbr – Flickr Download Tool

Photo Grabbr - Flickr Download Tool

I use Flickr as my online photo archiving tool. As such, I have about 27k photos uploaded ranging back to 1999. Sometimes, I want to put together a collection of photos to print or upload into a different gallery. Putting those photos in a set in Flickr is much faster than digging through my DVD archives.

Now, instead of downloading each photo individually in a set, I can download the entire set with a few clicks using Photo Grabbr (for Mac).

The Lifehacker article I read that led me to Photo Grabbr has a suggestion for a Windows and Linux equivalent of this very handy tool.

via Malarkey Software via Lifehacker

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Distractions of the Digital Persuasion


Whoa, Nelly! An entire month passed without a new post to MCOJ? My apologies!

What better excuse than a post on digital distractions. 🙂

via Information is Beautiful via Lifehacker

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Very Creative Use of Flickr



Follow the instructions: Best viewed from photostream.


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