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Emergency Preparedness


Do you have an emergency supply of food and water? No? Luckily you can get 8,671 Servings of Gluten Free & Vegetarian Emergency Food from CostCo for $1799.99. That’s enough to feed a single adult for almost 8 years, or my household of 5 for a 1.5 years.

The food is provided by Shelf Reliance, specialists in food storage and emergency preparedness planning. Here’s an overview of what they are about:

Shelf Reliance

At $0.21/serving (if you purchase the aforementioned CostCo pack), this is an interesting alternative to conventional daily or weekly grocery shopping on top of being an emergency source of food. It’s something to consider.

If anybody has tried this out, we’d love to hear your feedback and experience in the comments.

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Sushi Etiquette


So how many people have you offended by not adhering to proper Sushi Etiquette?

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In-N-Out’s Secret Menu

In-N-Out's Secret Menu

By now, you’ve already heard people ordering items such as a Double-Double Animal Style at In-N-Out. Have you ever wondered what else is on the secret menu?

Badmouth compiled the most comprehensive list of secret menu items I’ve seen.

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Still Tasty

Still Tasty? Let's find out...

As Chris says, this website is “ridiculously useful.” If you’ve ever wondered how long that loaf of sourdough bread in the refrigerator will remain unspoiled or if that apple in the fruit basket is still in its prime, Still Tasty is the website for you.

The interface is simple. Simply type the food your are wondering about in the search bar or browse via category. There’s a Still Tasty iPhone app for $1.99 if that suits your fancy.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

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Not really much to say here–it’s pretty self-explanatory:

Delicious sandwich + flatbed scanner =

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