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iPhone Quick-Draw System

Best promotional video ever. EVER.


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Are Mobile Devices Destroying Your Body?

I’ll admit that I exhibit addictive behavior when it comes to my mobile device(s). If you think you fall into that category, the infographic below may be of some use.

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Mobile Mouse Pro


This remote/trackpad app is by far one of the handiest bits of iOS software I’ve experienced thus far. The particular situation I experience that makes this app such a great fit is when I hook up my Macbook Pro to my wall-mounted plasma to play Hulu or some other web-based media. It’s a situation that isn’t hardy enough to warrant busting out the wireless keyboard and mouse, so being able to use my iPhone in that fashion rocks!

The app is only $1.99, which I think is completely worth it for the functionality that it offers. The server software also runs on Windows as well as Mac OS X.

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Sync Google Calendar Colors and iOS


(image courtesy of Lifehacker)

FINALLY, a solution to an annoying problem that has plagued me ever since Google Mobile Sync was born is here: Calendar color synchronization between Google Calendars and my iPhone’s calendar. My OCD itched so badly that I would end up changing my Google Calendar colors to match the seemingly random vomit that my iPhone’s calendar would choose.

In a nutshell, don’t use Google Mobile Sync for your calendar. Use CalDAV instead.

Out of the nutshell:

  1. On your iOS device: Go to Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Under Accounts: Select your Google Mobile Sync account (mine was creatively named “Google”)
  3. Switch your “Calendars” to the “OFF” position. It will prompt you to make sure you aren’t smoking crack, but since you *are* smoking crack… the healthy, vegan kind… go for it.
  4. Click on “Add Account…”
  5. Select Other.
  6. Select Add CalDAV Account.
  7. Enter your account information:
    1. In the Server field, enter [ ]
    2. In the Username field, enter your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.
    3. In the Password field, enter your Google Account or Google Apps password.
    4. In the Description field, enter the name you’d like to appear on the account (I named mine “Google Calendars”… creative, I know)
  8. Select Next at the top of your screen.
  9. Go to (on any browser) and select the calendars you want to sync. Alternatively, Google Apps users can go to (of course, replace “your_domain” with your… uh… domain).
  10. Click Save

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. Enjoy!

via Lifehacker

via Google Mobile Help (CalDAV instructions)

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Snag Your Pre-Owned iPhone Apps Before Updating to 3.0

I’m generally excited about the impending iPhone 3.0 firmware update, but I’m not excited about the removal of one of my favorite features: the ability to re-download any previously purchased application.

Because of the relatively cheap (or free) price tag of iPhone apps, I’ve fallen into that demographic of playing with an app for a day or two and then tossing it if it isn’t useful or entertaining enough to keep around.  The ability to grab these apps again at no cost from the iTunes Store makes “house-cleaning” a no-brainer for me—I can keep my “Applications” area in iTunes lean, clean and mean (since it does slow down noticeably when you have hundreds of apps).

If Apple does decide to clamp down on this functionality, I’ll probably give-in to my packrat-ish ways and keep every (paid) app I download around “just in case.”  Maybe I should copy them to 3.5” floppies just in case.

via The iPhone Blog via Lifehacker

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Kindle App for iPhone

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Amazon just released their aptly named “Kindle for iPhone” app (iTunes link) for the… uh… iPhone. It’s free, and it syncs books and bookmarks between your iPhone and your Kindle (if you have one).

I’m pretty excited about building up a library of reference books, though. 🙂 I took some screenshots of me grabbing a sample:
Img 0001-2

Img 0002-3
I’m using the smallest font setting for the screenshot above. You can adjust font size and bookmark and all that jazz. Pretty nifty!

UPDATE: There’s no search functionality in this app. Boo!

via Engadget and Gizmodo

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WordPress App for iPhone

The free WordPress application for the iPhone is all sorts of handy. I just wrote this entire post, screenshot and all, from my iPhone.

Only caveats so far are the inability to do URL links and lack of control over placement of inline images.


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2 per Customer and Plastic Only

In an attempt to curtail the rash of Unlocked iPhones on the Gray Market, Apple will only sell 2 iPhones per customer and will no longer accept cash.

Watch out Hackers… Big Brother Jobs is watching you.

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