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txt2re–Regular Expression Generator


I know that some of you hard-core purists out there will see this amazingly awesome tool as the sissy way out to grokking regular expressions, but I don’t care. Fie, I bite my thumb at thee! *bites thumb*

It doesn’t get much easier than this:




Notice all the different programming languages you can auto-generate in? Nice.

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Click here to Kick Ass


Erik Rothoff is a genius—a mad genius. Through programming magic, he created a JavaScript app that turns any webpage into a game of asteroids. What are you waiting for? Click here to grab the bookmarklet!

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VexFlow – HTML5, Canvas, JavaScript library for music and guitar tablature

VexTab Marksup

Imagine if writing guitar tablature was as easy as taking what’s pictured above and having it transformed automatically into what’s pictured below.

VexTab Result

What about markup language for traditional stave notation?

VexFlow Markup



Great find, Angelo!

via the changelog via @AngeloAlcid

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