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xkcd Password Generator

It may seem counter-intuitive to have a plain English passphrase instead of a t0tta11y l337 password, but what it comes down to is how many bits of entropy you can generate while not following any predictable patterns.

Lifehacker has a great article explaining why old password tricks aren’t working anymore with the amount of raw computing power available today.

If you’re lazy and you want to make use of the XKCD passphrase method above, you can always lean on a passphrase generator.

My favorite combination is using LastPass along with its support for two-factor authentication. For those of you unfamiliar with two-factor authentication, the way it’s implemented with LastPass (and Google, if you enable it), is that a random number is generated that needs to be entered in after you provide your passphrase. This random number can either be SMS’ed to you or you can view it using the Google Authenticator app. That random number rotates every 15 or so seconds. It’s a little cumbersome, but in order for somebody to gain access to websites I use, they would need to know my LastPass passphrase AND physically have my iPhone.

Be safe, everyone!

Lifehacker – Your Clever Password Tricks Aren’t Protecting You from Today’s Hackers

XKCD Password Generator



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Fly or Drive?


When planning a trip or vacation for my family, two variables are king: time and cost. Do I want to subject a bunch of airline passengers to my squirmy, loquacious children for a few hours, or do I want to subject myself to my squirmy, loquacious and now cranky children for many many hours? How much will it cost?

Luckily, there’s a handy site that will calculate trip time and cost for driving and flying to/from your destination. In the example above, it makes sense to drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, but it would definitely be cheaper to fly to, let’s say, Chicago from Los Angeles rather than drive. Handy!

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Remember The Milk Hacked Into Launchy

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands a little dirty, Lifehacker has a great little VB script that enables you to enter items into your Remember The Milk to-do list via Launchy.

A couple of caveats:

  • This VB script assumes you have a gmail account.
  • This requires putting your gmail username and password in the VB script.

For the security-minded (read: paranoid), this might be too much.  This works out nicely, though for quick task entry without losing momentum.

via Lifehacker

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