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FeedFlix – Netflix Usage Analysis Tool

Feedflix offers a free and very useful service for all of you Netflix Subscribers out there: it shows you, at a glance, if you’re getting your money’s worth from Netflix.

You can see from the small screenshot above that we’re heavy “Instant Watch” users. $0.08/flick. I think we’re getting our money’s worth.

via Lifehacker


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Netflix on Tivo

Trust me.  It's glorious.

Trust me. It's glorious.

My Tivo got the service update that enabled Netflix streaming. I reactivated my Netflix account, enabled it on my Tivo, and was streaming content in about 3 minutes. The quality is excellent and the interface is great–you simply add a “Watch Instantly” flick to your “Watch Instantly Queue” (separate from your normal DVD queue) and it becomes available immediately on your Tivo to watch.

My only two qualms are the small selection (which will grow in time) and no option to have japanese w/english subtitles for anime series (we’re stuck with english dubs).

I foresee cutting cable soon (after BSG is over). 🙂

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